Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ainsley Knows, I mean Nose

The whole litter climbed into our bed last night while we were reading a book. Anders fell asleep hard and the girls started to drift when Ainsley said, Mommy, Buddy smells like cheese. Does he have a poopy?

Mom: No... shhh... You smell like flowers, though. :)
Ainsley: Yeah, I smell like Roses.
Sister smells like, umm a Dandelion.
Mom: Ahh, that is sweet.
Ainsley: You smell like, umm, umm, umm.... a Sunflower!
Mom: Thanks sweetie.
Ainsley: Buddy smells like a Rat.

We all couldn't stop giggling at that point and they had to go into their own beds before they woke up our little rodent.

For the record, Anders does not smell like cheese or a rat. More like a little sweat head, mixed with dirt and sweet babys's breath.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Begins

School started on Monday. Lexi in Kinder & Ainsley's 2nd year of Preschool. They each get another year with their wonderful master teachers. We are all so lucky to have them.

Here is our Kindergartener. First day before school started, she didn't want to go back because she didn't want to leave me. 2nd day she was mad that she didn't get to stay the whole day (half day first week) and wants to know when she will!
Ainsley has made a great friend at school and doesn't hesitate for a minute in the mornings. She seems really happy so far. She read two Bob Books last year before school was out. She is still just 3. She seems to be in a good place, they let her do what SHE is interested in.

Anders cried when they left with their daddy. Here he is hogging in on the picture. ;-) He darted over there when he saw the camera and turned around.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Soo Cuuuute

So, the girls have started to think it's fun to dress Anderson up(we were wondering when it would happen). I would provide pictures if my camera was not on the blink. Instead, I'll just do a quick breakdown of his adventures...

- Turns the corner down the hall wearing a Tinkerbell Headband.
- Lexi escorts him to my room, "Mommy, look how cute Buddy is!" He had 4 flower and fruit barrettes dangling from his thin hair.
- I walk in the room and see him wearing a tight pink headband that says, "It's a girl thing" while he is destroying a put together puzzle.

That'll do it for now, I think I hear him destroying the tea party set.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dancing, Dogs & the DMA

We've been having a wonderful time our last few weeks of summer. The girls had a "Dancing Angels" camp and they had a ball. Lexi did HipHop and Ainlsey did Ballet. Here they are before and during the recital...(My camera's on the blink, so some pics are a little fuzzy... )

Mumsie and Granddaddy came in town and brought the girls my old bedroom furniture and helped watch the girls while we had a garage sale. Lexi has been, well... furiuos at the thought of us having a garage sale. So, we had to do it all covertly... Anyway, they loooooooooved playing with Sugar, too. We are all itching for a new doggie... Well, most of us anyway. ;-)

We went to the Dallas Museum of Art yesterday. Here are the girls "scupltures" and Lexi's self-portrait.