Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We had fun in New Orleans.  Kids saw a lot strange and weird and fun activities.  Here are kids getting wacky with a street artists.

Here is Stan talking to our fabulous hostess with the mostess Miss Maura.  The 2nd picture was Stan's hangover cure.  Hair of the Crawfish.

We went on a Swamp Tour but on the way there, kids feel completely drool like asleep.

But, they perked up just in time to see the prehistoric sized cricket and the gators.

Walking around Bourbon Street, we saw a fun street performance - those guys were crazy!


Later we took a cemetery tour of the above ground tombs that NOLA has.  It is quite a sight! Just strange and very interesting.  In fact, Nicholas Cage has already bought his spot and had a pyramid built.  It's so crazy.  So here is Whit standing on Mr. Cage's Coffin holder. ;)

We had fun taking the trolley to see the Garden District where Stan's cousin lives.  Later that night we did a New Orleans Ghost Tour - creepy.  NOLA was a fun getaway.  What a city! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh no

Darn it.  Ainsley Grace injured her elbow.  Same one. Again.  Ugh.  She fell off of a scooter....  We will find out if it was broken in 2 weeks when they look for new bone growth on the x-ray.  When she fell, she complained about everything BUT her elbow.  Then, the next morning after a good nights sleep, she started playing one handed.  Like a little bird, she didn't tell me anything, she just wouldn't do anything with her arm.  Please, pray that it's not actually broken.  The 2 injury's were directly on her growth plates.  So, if it's broken, she will have 5 weeks of cast.  Right now, it's 2 weeks of splint.

 It took her no time to rock the sling however.  She decorated it. ;) 
So, Lexi had to read a book for school that she came home nightly and complained about.  She just did not like this book.  She pushed through, but when school was out we sorted out their back packs.  I held that book in my hands and she shouted, "NO!  Don't throw that away.  I want to burn it!"  She did not let up until the moment finally came.  Stan found something old to burn and the book burning commenced.  

We are babysitting our friend's hamster.  Kids love him.  Whit, a little too much.  Here is the pile of pillows he built to use as a step stool to get closer and closer.  He scares me.  He may not talk, but he is NOT thupid.

Lexi babysat the other day for a little while. Here are our texts.  She is so funny.

Poor Anderson. The girls like to dress him up. This one was lexi's fault.  It's funny, super cute and very very scary.  I have very mixed feelings.  Ha.  Whit is hilarious, though.  If you ask him, Whit, can you frown.  He makes that middle picture face.  It's seriously funny.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just laws, soup and stuff

We had a fantastic 4th of July this year. We stayed at a hotel in Addison right next to their big Kaboom Town.  We swam all day, then at night walked to the top of the parking garage and watched the fireworks. 
We were in Addison on the 3rd.  On the 4th, we stayed home and the kids made us a festive cake for dessert.  Then, we set off some of our own fireworks.  I now understand why setting off fireworks in the city limits might be illegal.

Lexi and I are on a soup frenzy.  Last week we made Mulligatawny soup inspired by Seinfeld's Soup Nazi.  It was sooo good!  Only 1 and 1/2 protesters.

With mixed feelings I dropped my sweet girls off at The Pines Catholic Camp.  I was really worried Lexi was going to be homesick again and very curious how AG would do.  When I picked them up on Saturday they were all smiles.  Here are some of the pictures I saw during the week.  They had fun.

 While the girls were at camp, buddy played basketball with his friend.  He had a great week!

 By the way, we have a new 1D fan in the house.

 While the other three were busy, I took Whitaker to the Disney store for the first time.  He is OBSESSED with Cars.  I bought him two cars that have now been glued to his hands ever since.  It's cute.

In Dallas, these letters appear all over town.... One morning walking into yoga, there they were outside Exhale Spa in front of Hotel Palomar.  This is a horrible picture of me, but that's what I look like after I get a big time butt kicking from Exhale Yoga.