Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Monday, June 28, 2010

Daddy Stuff

"Sooo, how is Stan? Is he out of school? Is he still grumpy?"
Well, he always has a little grump to keep me on my toes. But, thank goodness he is doing fabuloso! School is good just hard physically on him. Now that Cisco knows he is on summer break, he is having to work more (hence a trip to Vietnam. really??!?!? UGH). BUT, at least it's just work. It's not BOTH and he is enjoying the break. He is taking his boat out and spending more time with the kids. Helping me a little more. It's nice. He's home.
First thing on the agenda. New Car. Our Rover finally bit the dust. After we had a sad fest over since we both really enjoyed driving that truck. After 10 years of owning it - goodbye.
Here is his new Truck. And finally, a Pick-up! He has been eyeing Ford
F-150's for a while. Yes, he is super uber excited. But, what is interesting is the kids think my mini-van is still cooler since I have a TV! Haha, I love it. But they are really tempted to switch sides since Daddy has a secret window....

Here is happy daddy on super happy Fathers Day! And, what would make him so happy you may be asking...??? No, I know you know already. Waking boarding on da boat.... And a nice big steak while overlooking the lake.

Here is the Captain.

Happy Daddy's Day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We Heart George

George is funny. As in Funny, Ha, Ha. He is totally not house trained, obedient nor does he possess good manners. But, we're working on it.... We need our old trainer Lauren to come over! However, we all love him sooo much. Stan hasn't admitted out loud, yet. But, I can tell by the look on his face that it is pure love when it comes to George.

Anyway, here he is trying to literally hunt a squirrel. This weird, scary squirrel STAYED AT THE BOTTOM of the tree while George was barking at it and inching close to it. I was thinking it was dead, but I had seen it move positions. It took me some time to realize that it was probably some rabies infected nasty creature just waiting for George to come close so it could attack him! So, I was taking pictures until I realized what might happen and saved George's life! For sure, I did!

Then it moved and I screamed and realized the evil squirrels' plan and I took George inside! Whew!!

During these pictures, Lincoln was just laying there moaning about George chewing a bone on HIS pillow.

Y'all know what this is.... Isn't he CUTE!?!?

During dinner preparations, this is what the two do. Since George's arrival, Lincoln has stopped chewing shoes, has not dug one hole and seems to just be generally happier. Ahhhh, sooo sweeeeet!
We Love you Georgie!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer of Sewing

The girls have been sewing up a storm! They both took the Sewing 101 class at JoAnn's and made a pillowcase. Ainsley did great. She sewed, back-stitched, ironed, used her seam ripper. She worked really hard on her entire project. It was the second time for Alexandra to take that class. We bought extra fabric so when we got home, she made Anderson his own pillowcase, too all on her own...

Since the class, Ainsley made a purse, pouch and a little pillow for Alexandra's teddy. Alexandra made a skirt, Anderson's pillowcase and a couple of pouches, purse and placemat.... They looove it!

The sewing room is at full capacity!

Here are my little hard workers!

Here is lulu
Here is Alexandra's Purse, Pouch, Placemat and Pillowcase! She did backing on the placemat and made patches, too!
Here is the skirt Alexandra made for her sister but they have agreed to share it since they both love it sooo much! She made little pockets for the front. CUTE!
Here they are with their pillows! Perfect for a PILLOW FIGHT!!!

I'm soo proud of my little seamstresses!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anderson's First Year of School

His teachers loved him. They were always running out telling me some cute story... Stories also included how he is kind of rough, bit his cousin one day and other very boy things that are totally unacceptable and we have lots of conversations about. But, all and all, an incredible year. Never one time complained about going to school. Never once asked to stay home. He loved school and looooved that he had two family members in class! Ms. Bolano took several pictures of him over the year and gave me a CD. Here they are:

May Madness and Ainsley's Kindergarten Graduation

Holy month of May, Batman! It's been very fun and very busy.... This is what we have been up to - non-stop every day....

  • Anderson's 4th Birthday
  • Alexandra's First Communion
  • Piano Recital (had to skip the violin recital!!! :( v. sad)
  • Ainsley's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
  • Finishing up PTO Responsibilities
  • Last Day of School
  • Our turn to host the Munger Place Porch Party
  • Broken Retainer Emergency Ortho Visit
  • Sick Dad
  • Sick Doggies
  • Allergic Reactions with ER Visit - Alexandra
  • Poison Ivy Spreading - Ainsley
  • Home school Planning Meetings and purchases
  • Total House Reorg, Purge, Garage Sale, Charity Runs
  • Memorial Day Parties
Here are pics from Ainlsey's Graduation. She was soo sweet and cute. She wore her favorite dress even though the teachers and myself tried to change her mind b/c it was a tad short for sitting on stage. She was NOT having it - that was her favorite dress and THAT is what she was going to wear for the most important day of her life! I'm glad she got her way b/c she was sooo adorable up there!!!

Here is buddy trying to hide from my camera. Later, he was sitting in Ms. Akin's lap for the last 30 minutes of the ceremony... Not sure why he got that "priviledge...." Probably being a little too wiggly... He was quite happy though to get to sit in Ms. Akin's lap. It was so cute!

We will miss you next year White Rock Montessori!