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Saturday, June 5, 2010

May Madness and Ainsley's Kindergarten Graduation

Holy month of May, Batman! It's been very fun and very busy.... This is what we have been up to - non-stop every day....

  • Anderson's 4th Birthday
  • Alexandra's First Communion
  • Piano Recital (had to skip the violin recital!!! :( v. sad)
  • Ainsley's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
  • Finishing up PTO Responsibilities
  • Last Day of School
  • Our turn to host the Munger Place Porch Party
  • Broken Retainer Emergency Ortho Visit
  • Sick Dad
  • Sick Doggies
  • Allergic Reactions with ER Visit - Alexandra
  • Poison Ivy Spreading - Ainsley
  • Home school Planning Meetings and purchases
  • Total House Reorg, Purge, Garage Sale, Charity Runs
  • Memorial Day Parties
Here are pics from Ainlsey's Graduation. She was soo sweet and cute. She wore her favorite dress even though the teachers and myself tried to change her mind b/c it was a tad short for sitting on stage. She was NOT having it - that was her favorite dress and THAT is what she was going to wear for the most important day of her life! I'm glad she got her way b/c she was sooo adorable up there!!!

Here is buddy trying to hide from my camera. Later, he was sitting in Ms. Akin's lap for the last 30 minutes of the ceremony... Not sure why he got that "priviledge...." Probably being a little too wiggly... He was quite happy though to get to sit in Ms. Akin's lap. It was so cute!

We will miss you next year White Rock Montessori!

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