Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A, B or C

If you got a text that had 3 pictures of a dog and said, "This sweet little boy needs a home.  Know anyone????"  
Would you say, 
A) "Ahhh cute. I'll check around." 
B) "Weird. What's wrong with him."
C) "Where is he? I'm on my way..."
Well, considering we have been sad for over a year missing Lincoln.  Considering this dog could be his twin.  Considering George has lost his mind since Lincoln died.  And considering that this would be impossible to accidentally happen that something beyond us (God) acted on our behalf.  Yes a dog.  Coincidence?? Accident?? NO. Stan and I both said "C" without even flinching.

Meet Roosevelt (Teddy, not FDR, gaw.). Here he is after we groomed him and got him all cleaned up.  He is precious. 11 months old.  Potty trained. Still trying to establish his dominance but we are working on that. The sweet woman with medical issues who had to give him up sent us EVERYTHING.  His bed, food, flea meds, toys, treats, dog bowls!  What a gift for our family.  A doggie.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Stars

 Carnival at STA is big.  They request coaches to ask for byes on soccer games, etc for the weekend.  They want EVERYONE there.  And generally, EVERYONE is.    Bingo Night is super fun and we stayed out late.  Moms and Dads play bingo, kids run around unsupervised and have a ball.  This year they had laser tag set up for the kids.  Seriously a good time.  Then the next day, you are required to volunteer 1 hour per child.  Soooo, Stan really had his work cut out for him.  Ha.  He did all of our volunteer shifts while I watched Whit.  We were there from 12 to 8.  Yes, we were tired.  And YES, we had fun.
Here is Stan selling tickets.
Here is Lulu with her hair color.
Soo they always have "Talent Show" that everyone really enjoys.  The kids get up there and do all kinds of things, dancing, singing, music, etc.  This year, Ainsley Grace had a group of 4 girls jump roping. 
The name was of her group was Dazzling Donuts.
    Here they are doing their routine.  At the end, the girls dropped the jump ropes and boogied down.  In the background is Lexi watching her little sister encouraging her and trying to steal her jump rope at the end.  Typical Big Sis.

 AG also played her violin.  She did TWO acts!  What did Whit do for 8 hours of Carnival Fun?  Played and took naps when necessary......  Everyone stepped over him so it was fine.

One of the highlights of course was Anderson and his friend's act.  The Rock and Roll Hula hoopers!  They were fantastic.  You can tell, at the end, Anderson definitely felt comfortable with all the adoration and showed a little love to his fans.....  

How awesome was THAT? ;-) 
We love our All Stars.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Go Wildcats!

My cute cheerleader!  She is having so much fun cheering with her friends.  She is one busy girl with Soccer, Volleyball and Cheer and 5th grade.  We are going non-stop but loving every minute

"V for Victory. V for Victory.  Make that V, dot that I, rock that C-T-O-R-Y...." 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Donuts, hair and earrings

Donuts, hair and earrings all make sense in a sentence.  Especially if your name is Ainsley Grace.  Before her birthday party, her big day finally arrived.  She has been asking for years to have her ears pierced and she assured me she was NOT scared.  I surprised her by taking her right after school on Friday so she could have them for her party.  When the moment finally came, sure enough, she was cool and relaxed and very happy.

Instead of cake, donuts.  We started with these and added them to the party favor.  Cute.

 The party was at Ogle Beauty School.  The girls got sporty "updos" - many had soccer games that day.  They also got their nails painted and hair tinsel.  Whit only got a ride.

Cute girls.  Cute party.


I have one happy 9 year old who is LOVED.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Santa Fe Railcar

 We had a labor day getaway to Glenrose, Texas.  We stayed at a very kid friendly B&B called Country Woods Inn.  Loved only driving a little over an hour and arriving at a sweet country town 10 minutes from Fossil Rim and 10 minutes from Dinosaur Valley State Park.  A windy path took us to an old converted Santa Fe Boxcar deep in the woods.  The owner of the property has rescued many historical cottages and moved them onto her land.  But we got to stay in an actual train car.  It had a little kitchen, full bath, 2 sets of big bunk beds and a play area right outside.  It was equipped with walking sticks, maps to find the paths for hiking, a swimming hole all next to a river!  GORGEOUS.  But that's not all.  Seriously, that was only half.  If you go down to the Breakfast Barn where they serve breakfast, you will find horses, roosters, goats, sheep, bunny rabbits.  It was all there for the kids to go any time they want to feed the animals.  Such a sweet place!

We went into town the first night and realized they were having a 5k race the next morning.  So, we decided to join in.  The kids did great, Lexi did the entire distance.  Ainsley, Anderson and I did  90% of it.  After the race Anderson got face paint and the girls got Henna. Super fun morning.



That afternoon, we headed to Fossil Rim.  Wow.  I mean, WOW!  Looooved the countryside, hills and of course these amazing animals.

Finally we visited Dinosaur Valley and looked at fossilized dinosaur prints.  Stan took the kids on a long hike down the river bed.  They could hear on the first hollar to let me take a picture.  Ha.

 They also had a big swimming hole.  The kids swam for a little while and Whit got to dig for rocks and throw them.  He found this rock.  He was about to throw it when I spotted it and snatched it from his hand. Cool.