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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Stars

 Carnival at STA is big.  They request coaches to ask for byes on soccer games, etc for the weekend.  They want EVERYONE there.  And generally, EVERYONE is.    Bingo Night is super fun and we stayed out late.  Moms and Dads play bingo, kids run around unsupervised and have a ball.  This year they had laser tag set up for the kids.  Seriously a good time.  Then the next day, you are required to volunteer 1 hour per child.  Soooo, Stan really had his work cut out for him.  Ha.  He did all of our volunteer shifts while I watched Whit.  We were there from 12 to 8.  Yes, we were tired.  And YES, we had fun.
Here is Stan selling tickets.
Here is Lulu with her hair color.
Soo they always have "Talent Show" that everyone really enjoys.  The kids get up there and do all kinds of things, dancing, singing, music, etc.  This year, Ainsley Grace had a group of 4 girls jump roping. 
The name was of her group was Dazzling Donuts.
    Here they are doing their routine.  At the end, the girls dropped the jump ropes and boogied down.  In the background is Lexi watching her little sister encouraging her and trying to steal her jump rope at the end.  Typical Big Sis.

 AG also played her violin.  She did TWO acts!  What did Whit do for 8 hours of Carnival Fun?  Played and took naps when necessary......  Everyone stepped over him so it was fine.

One of the highlights of course was Anderson and his friend's act.  The Rock and Roll Hula hoopers!  They were fantastic.  You can tell, at the end, Anderson definitely felt comfortable with all the adoration and showed a little love to his fans.....  

How awesome was THAT? ;-) 
We love our All Stars.

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