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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Donuts, hair and earrings

Donuts, hair and earrings all make sense in a sentence.  Especially if your name is Ainsley Grace.  Before her birthday party, her big day finally arrived.  She has been asking for years to have her ears pierced and she assured me she was NOT scared.  I surprised her by taking her right after school on Friday so she could have them for her party.  When the moment finally came, sure enough, she was cool and relaxed and very happy.

Instead of cake, donuts.  We started with these and added them to the party favor.  Cute.

 The party was at Ogle Beauty School.  The girls got sporty "updos" - many had soccer games that day.  They also got their nails painted and hair tinsel.  Whit only got a ride.

Cute girls.  Cute party.


I have one happy 9 year old who is LOVED.

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Betty said...

I love you Ainsley Grace! Mumsie