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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Friday, April 10, 2015

Big weekend for one girl

The tears, oh the tears, over these ribbons. At each volleyball tournament, AG's team get new ribbons for their hair.  It's what you do.  Everyone takes turns.  My daughter was chomping at the bit and could not WAIT until it was her turn.  She had been shopping online to find the exact type arrangement of ribbons to make.  She ordered them, entered my CC number.  Got them and we sat down to make the ribbons.  She was so excited to pass these out.  These were ready 2 weeks ahead of time.  As the tourney drew near, I realized I had made a big mistake.
Ainsley Grace qualified to compete in 2 areas at a academic competition for the school back in the Fall.  Spelling and Writing.  But, I never entered it in our calendar.  Low and behold it was the same day as our tournament.  THE tournament where SHE was going to pass out her ribbons.   I tried to solve the scheduling conflict to no avail.  She had to miss the first day of tournament and she had to compete at the PSIA competition.

Once that was finally decided, we realized that she could then run at the Track Meet we had initially planned on skipping because of Volleyball.  So we looked up what events she was assigned to.  Our eyes bulged as they put her in the 800 (half mile).  We were a little concerned for her and she was nervous.  But we accepted it and went on.  Finally, we kept scanning the assignments and we saw her name listed on the 1600.  That's right.  Holy mile bat man!  She was soooo nervous.

So, the morning of, we scooted off to the PSIA.  She came out of the writing competition and told me about her Sparkle Club Essay. :)  Then, she went to the spelling competition, came out and asked me, "Mom.  How do you spell Happy-Go-Lucky?"  So random.  Ha.  Once we finished the competition, we raced to Oak Cliff to the Track Meet. 

As we arrived, they were making the 2nd call for the 800 kids.  I told her, just pace yourself.  Everyone darts out because they are excited.  Save it, pace yourself, then on the last leg, give it all you got.  End breathless.  She got it.

She took off at a very steady pace.  Later she said she ran to a cheer chant. Finally, she turned that last corner and had to turn to cut around folks and she whizzed passed 5 girls!  Woo, hoo!

Finally, the dreaded mile came.  She stayed steady again.  1st lap, 2nd lap, 3rd lap and finally the last lap.  She was tired, but never slowed down.  She was steady and strong.  She was in last place.  But, there was no doubt she would finish this mile.  Finally, another little girl in front of her stopped, started crying and was getting very upset.... AG eventually caught up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Come on.  Let's finish together!"  They ran the final stretch together to a lot of loud  cheering fans as we all saw what she did.  It was precious.  I'm so proud of this sweet girl.  She ran her mile in 8:20.

Here she is wearing her glasses she brought for the PSIA. :)  This is actually a picture of her 5 minutes after her mile.  She was so happy.  She said she felt great!

 Here are her sweet Track buddies. 

On Sunday, she got to play the 2nd day of the tournament. And, she got to pass out her ribbons  The girls looked extra cute and AG was very happy!  During this season, she has been improving so much.  Playing so hard and making strides at every game. She loves her club Summit-Nitro.  She has fallen in love with this sport due to this sweet team she has and fantastic coach.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that she really struggles serving.  It's a small team and she is the only girl who can't overhand serve.  Sadly, tournament after tournament, game after game, when it came to her turn, that darn ball would never make it over.  It was a little defeating but her coach would not let her get down.  She kept trying. and trying.  and trying.  Her small team added a new girl to play on her team for the last 2 tournaments.  And this girl could serve!  So, finally they had someone to sub out Ainsley Grace so they could at least try to get the point.  Halfway through the 2nd game, AG went up to serve.  I was wondering why, but come to find out she asked her coach if she could.  She went up, and THE SERVE WENT OVER!  In fact, she Aced them!!!!!  It was her first overhand serve over the net.  We all went WILD!!!!  All the parents were screaming and the girls on her team were attacking her hugging her.  Since she Aced them she had to serve again.  IT WENT OVER!!!!!!  2 serves went over.  We all lost our minds.  The other team must have thought we were crazy!  The girls on her team were so happy for her.  One girl came up to me, "Mrs. Lewis, I cried! I cried!"  And another girls came up to me and said, "Mrs. Lewis, that was a moment.  That was a real moment!"

This girl had a great weekend.  I took her to get ice cream after the tournament upon her request to commemorate such a big weekend.  Keep it up you fighter!!! More great things coming for you!


This sweet baby of mine is now 4.  We have been talking about him turning four for a couple of months.  He said, Mommy, I'm going to sleep in my own bed when I turn 4.  I'm not a baby when I turn 4.  I'm a big boy.  

He is a big boy.  He is so precious, it's just so hard believe how fast time is going.  It's going and going and going fast.  We did a last minute birthday party for him.  Yes, he wanted a Train Party.  But, a Build-a-Bear party was a quick 2nd and he was thrilled!  It was so adorable.  His little pre-school class came.  Seriously, this is the sweetest age in the world.  


After everyone got their adorable bears, it was Cake Time.  
He did get a Train Cake.  Yay! 

The next day was his actual Birthday.  He wanted donuts.  They were super cute.

And, guess what.  He did it.  He slept in his own bed and he does most of the time now.  
He is such a big boy. 


We had an incredible time on St. Patrick's Day this year!  The kids and I got up and went and saw the parade.  It is so family friendly now...  We will try to start going every year now that they have cleaned it up.

 Here was a Barbecue Food Truck!  It's no Anderson's BBQ, maybe if they just add an umbrella. ;)

 After the parade, we went to our friends house who annually hosts a lemonade stand at the block party on Greenville.  OH MY GOODNESS, there were some very interesting characters.  They would walk up and just say, "Awwww you are such cute kids, here is $20!"  My kids helped our friends sell $750 worth of lemonade and cookies.  Seriously, is that crazy or WHAT?!  But, the biggest part was all 4 of the kids had so much fun.  Loved it.


Spring Break Topgolf

Top golf is just so much fun!  We had a ball.  It was one of our only outings this Spring Break.  How cute is Whitaker with his golf bag. :)

 Whitaker was all over it.  Daddy made him a 

 We loved playing at the outdoor games too.  I wish it wasn't so expensive, it's a great family place! 

Let it snow

This year we had so many snow days.  Perfect timing, too.  On a Monday, a Friday and one on a Wednesday.  We got the weather report that more may be coming.  The kids had 2 4 day weekends and upcoming Spring Break.  But that didn't matter.  They summed snow the only way they could think of.  A lot of cute messages!

 We tried to make snomen, but it was so powdery.  We finally made one later in the day, but in the mean time, two competing versions of Snow Ice Cream.  I thought they were both awesome!  Stan and AG thought they were too sweet.   But, we had so much fun having all the time off.  We were really lazy.  We watched TV and lounged and played games.  It was such a nice break.