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Friday, June 13, 2014

17th Anniversary, Awards and Summery stuff

On our 17th Anniversary we had an 80's party to attend.  It was a super fun party.  My crimper from 7th grade is still in perfect working condition.  My mom is quite the preserver of historical objects! ;)  Thanks, Mom!  Meet the Sizzle Lite.

On the last day of school the girls got their Blue Bonnet and Million Words awards.  They are busy little readers during the school year, I love that they get a special acknowledgment.  For the Bluebonnet award they got to wear blue jeans one day at school and walk to Burger House from the school and get a free burger and shake!  It's such a fun incentive.  I think only five 4th graders read all 20 Bluebonnet books!   We have a great librarian.  AG read 1.4 million words and Alexandra read 3 something million words.  WOW.

Summer is kicked off.  Anderson is playing baseball and basketball and attending some sports camps.  The girls are playing basketball and volleyball.  Plus, the girls were both accepted to DECATS this year (Debusk Enrichment Center for the Academically Talented Scholars!).  AG feel so special and is so happy to get to go....  Lexi is at Sr. Decats and Ainsley Grace is at Jr. Decats.  Both are riding the bus for about 2 hours EVERYDAY!  They were so excited for the bus element because it was new.  Now they get that the bus is not all it's cracked up to be.  They are officially over it. ;)  It makes for a long day for them.... But they really are having a great time.

Bonus pictures. Summer popsicle tongue.

My sweet friend Kammie.  She is so fun to be around and talk to.  Thank goodness our oldest kids brought us together.  We took the kids to Steel City Pops.  YUM.

We were hanging out at the pool and my husband brought his wife the white wine she likes.  But no cups!  Gasp!  So he Macgyvered me a cup with his pocket knife. :-)  Class in a Glass!

Alexandra with some friends going to see a movie.   She looks so teenagery. :(

Anderson did a fun Harlem Globetrotters clinic.  Super cute and fun.  He hung out with Cheese and Sweet J.  They were fabulous with the kids, Anderson LOVED it.  It cracked me up how he punched the ball as he spun.... funny.