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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween fun by Lexi

Halloween is sooooo fun in in the Lewis family take a look:

This is a poem that I wrote:


Tricks are orange, treats are black
this a list of all things black is it
witches, cats, spiders too
this is a list of all things blue,
eyeballs ,candy wrappers and GOO
this is a list of all things orange,
pumpkins, candy corn, fiya too
and that is my list of Halloween things for you.

As I wrote the poem I wrote fire like fiya was to make it sound halloweenier. Also we put the ghosts which is 5 ghosts that are holding hands and it looks they're doing ring-around-the-rosie.

Here's a picture

PS - Normally I type/translate their blog comments, but this blog was done entirely by Alexandra. She typed, uploaded the picture and chose the font and color. I got in trouble for pushing "publish" too early b/c she wanted to include the following pictures of our decorations that she took. Sorry lulu! :) So, here are the pictures she wanted you to see that she took.

Happy Halloween Season!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Green Line, Corney Dogs, Lights & Friends

Fair Day! We did a few things different this year. First we took the train (the new Dallas Green Line) to the fair. Lexi told me after she saw the billboard advertising of the new Green Line, "Mom. If you let us take the green line to the fair, I will clean the whole house!" Yes she did say that.... :) Here they are excited to start the adventure... Poor Anderson... This year we also decided to go during the afternoon/evening so we could catch the lights at nighttime. Usually we go the first day the first minute it opens. It was worth it, the lights were very cool - something different. Although, it was slow getting home because we were all tired.

We also went with some friends of ours! The kids had so much fun having their buddies there... They ran and played and laughed and begged for more tickets. Cute! Here are our friends cute families and us!


Bird Show!
And, belive it or not - we did NOT get asked to leave the Car Show...!?! Go Figure! :)

Love our Texas State Fair!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life as the PTO prez....

...takes a LOT of time. Kids are a bit sick of seeing me in front of the computer. It's already Sept 19th. Wow. Things are rolling along though and the kids seem to LOVE that I am the PTO President. Ainsley said, "wow mom, do you think you could be the US president, too?" Lexi said, "mom, you know EVERYTHING that's going on don't you!?" Why... Yes, I do....

I've made it through all the beginning of school activities and now all eyes on Auction. Here is our super cool logo for the year. Thanks, Mumsie for being the FIRST donor this year! I just filled out the contract for all the donations you brought. Thank you and see you April 17th for the big night. No bidding on your own stuff! ;)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Turning 6 at Great Wolf Lodge

Ainsley decided instead of a birthday party with friends, she'd rather go to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate with the fam. Oh my goodness, we had the BEST time. None of us wanted to come home... Great, great time. The water park was amazing and the Scavenger Hunt was the coolest thing EVER! We spent hours doing our Quests and Adventures. It was a fabulous vacation.

We just arrived, howling with excitment!

They decorated the door with a poster - she was so surprised and excited!

Girls with the Riley the Wolf and Lexi with her 1st Shirley Temple. :)Yummy!

Here are the kids, waiting for Daddy. Lexi did NOT want him to go down the slides. She was so afraid for him and me. They were just waaaay too scary...
The indoor waterpark was just amazing. I've never seen anything like it... Sooo much fun.

Here we are doing our Maji Quests. We are all now Master Maji's, which means we completed 12 different Quests. With a wave of the magic wand, things started opening, talking to us, flashing and appearing in pictures.
They could not get enough of it, it was very magical. So entertaining and a total blast - worth every penney.
Happy Birthday Ainsley Grace. I just cannot believe you are already 6 years old. It's just shocking. Tomorrow will be a special day at school as we have the "celebrate her life" ceremony. Off to round up pictures of each year of her life for the ceremony and buy cookies. We love you Ainsley.