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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween fun by Lexi

Halloween is sooooo fun in in the Lewis family take a look:

This is a poem that I wrote:


Tricks are orange, treats are black
this a list of all things black is it
witches, cats, spiders too
this is a list of all things blue,
eyeballs ,candy wrappers and GOO
this is a list of all things orange,
pumpkins, candy corn, fiya too
and that is my list of Halloween things for you.

As I wrote the poem I wrote fire like fiya was to make it sound halloweenier. Also we put the ghosts which is 5 ghosts that are holding hands and it looks they're doing ring-around-the-rosie.

Here's a picture

PS - Normally I type/translate their blog comments, but this blog was done entirely by Alexandra. She typed, uploaded the picture and chose the font and color. I got in trouble for pushing "publish" too early b/c she wanted to include the following pictures of our decorations that she took. Sorry lulu! :) So, here are the pictures she wanted you to see that she took.

Happy Halloween Season!

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