Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPod Touch

For the raffle at the school, we offered the child who sells the most raffle tix an iPod Touch. The idea came from another mom and boy was she on the money! All the kids were talking about that iPod Touch or "iTouch" for short - everyone wanted to win it.... It had a huge buzz. The class that sold the most got a Pizza Party and all were excited about that as well.

Of course MY kids were just as motivated. They didn't seem to care that I did not have time to take them out to sell raffle tickets..... In fact, they made a plan. They would each sell their own tickets but give Ainsley all the credit for tickets sold. Then, after they won it, they would all share the iTouch equally.... Pretty smart I thought - I was quietly proud of their little plan..... Incidentally, they changed last minute for Lexi to get all the credit - I never figured out why - didn't overhear that conversation.

So, not only was I incharge of all the auction details, I had to shlep my kids to Starbucks (on 3 different occasions), around the neighborhood and finally standing outside of 7-Eleven at our lowest point. I finally told the girls while standing outside of 7-eleven that WE HAD TO GO HOME!! I could not stand out there with them anymore - I had a million Auction things to do....

So, when we got home Ainlsey dug out $15 out of her piggy bank, Anderson $5 out of his and Lexi $5 out of hers. So, I thought that was nice of them to do that as I was reminding them this is just a donation, they are NOT going to win. They said, we KNOW mommy! So, I matched their $25 and that was IT!

But, we found out on the last day you were allowed to turn tix in - that a little boy brought in 86 tickets. Wow, we knew we hadn't sold that many..... The kids were bummed out, but I had been preparing them all along... We moved on and got over it pretty quick.

After the big event - Monday afternoon my raffle volunteer emailed me with the news of the raffle winners - Lexi Lewis had sold 98 tickets!!!!! That was the #1 spot by 13 tickets. I had no idea she had sold that many, in our head we had about 75 or 80.... They sold 98 tickets and WON THE IPOD TOUCH!!! They could not believe it - sooo excited. I was really really excited for them....

OF COURSE, they looooooooove that thing!! Anderson loves it and they are really taking turns with each other... They play only on screen days (weekends) and an occasional exception here and there.
Way to go little Lewis'.... My little hard workers!! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top Secret!

Of course, I'm never too busy to plan my kiddo's birthday party! He decided he wants a Super Hero Birthday Party, so here is the invitation. He is pretty excited....

The kids will receive a Plain File Folder with CONFIDENTIAL on the outside. On the tab it will say, Mission #4 (get it?) .

Then, on the inside they'll find this:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet George!

Here is our new little poodle for Lincoln to have a friend and us to have a lap dog! :)

"Who is THAT??"

Pictures say a 1,000 words.....