Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Thursday, June 27, 2013

High five

Why I go to sleep at 8:30.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Triple Threat

We love Duck Dynasty.  We laugh so much and get super excited when a new show gets recorded. What a fantastic family example they set. Integrated lives, a lot of laughing, love, silliness and fighting......  

Well it was only a matter of time before I could hold out not buying one, after the lake trip yesterday we swung by Bass Pro and picked up an official triple threat for my little ducks.

Here is my personal Triple Threat.  One of my threats made DD artwork.

Here are the bubble guppies playing in the water....  And here is Lexiloo wake boarding!!

Fun Saturday we had.  If that wasn't enough, we snuck away and watched Monsters University.  GREAT movie.  We had a nice summer day.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kicking off summer

Just before school let out, we went to the lake.  It was the first time Whit had been in the boat and he had NO fear.  The other 3 were excited... Daddy has been so busy for the last couple of summers, they are ready to hit the lake again.... 

Whit LOOOOVES the KC Pool!!!  It's going to be a great summer. We have had so much fun there already...  Daddy is most excited about their new frozen jack and coke machine.  Funny.  This pool cracks me up.  I love their new healthy menu too.  TWO THUMBS UP.

Here is my precious Alexandra, headed to her Summer Program.  I have such a hard time getting pictures of this girl!  So here is one she took of us driving.....

So I have spent more money at the Nike store this year I should get some sort of rebate...??? I'm waiting for it to arrive.  AG outgrew her Nikes, so we went to get her another pair.  Of course she chose the most girlie cutest pair they had.  Adorbs!

Here is pookie with a bowtie our friend gave us.  It suits him don't you think?  Muah!

Speaking of pookie, he has a bad mom.  No really, a BAD MOM!  I decided to take him to the dentist a full year before I took his brother and sisters because I was guessing the amount of lollipops I have given him had reaped havoc on his punkin teeth.  Sure enough, FIVE cavities.  So he is offically banned from ALL CANDY from now on. And apparently sippy cups.  He drinks milk every morning and every night but apparently sippy cups cause cavities.  Ugh.

Despite my baby's rotten mouth, summer is off to a great start.  Summer 2013 will be fun I predict.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finishing up school

The end of the school year is always a whirl wind.  In 3rd grade they hold a classroom store at the end of the year.  Of course, Ainsley Grace wanted to sell donuts!  We had so much fun making them together.  Unfortunately, the kids at school had never had a cake donut made from whole wheat flour. Oops.  But she had a great time...  She also finger weaved a bunch of strings to sell.  That worked out great! 



While running an errand to get supplies for donut making, Whit saw the rides outside Fiesta.  He proceeded to SCREAM the entire time in the store until we paid and left so he could ride.  He is training me quite well.

The kids now have a complete obsession with the Rainbow Loom.  I went to the store and bought Ainsley Grace one because she really was persistent on how bad she wanted one...   She was excited when she opened it.  Quickly afterwards, Lexi looked at me and asked, "Why didn't I get a Rainbow Loom??!"  So, I gave her the extra one I bought as a gift.  I didn't know she wanted one??  Now they can be looming sisters.  THEN, Anderson followed the girls around and bugged them sufficiently to earn his OWN Rainbow Loom.  And when Buddy's friend came over before soccer to play for a little bit, what did they do?  Hide and seek?  Chase?  No, they loomed bracelets......  And here are the girls looming with their friends.  

Lexi also has a school business.  Her and her friend found something to do with the millions of index cards they have at school.  They decided to color bookmarks and sell them.  One draws the mouth, the other draws the eyes.  She comes home periodically and uses my laminator.  They have quite a business going.  Here are two of the Dweebs as they are called.  Cute.

Here is a picture of a paper Ainsley Grace wrote at school.  It was such a sweet story, the teacher tells me her strongest area is writing.  

Here is Whit lounging on this brother.  And visa versa.  

Well, here they are on the last day to wear Uniforms.  This is AG's last day to wear a jumper!   

Whit and I ran by the library to grab some books the kids had requested.  It lasted for about 2 minutes.   Wild man, he cannot sit.  It's just impossible.  He must stand or move.  Or lay. 

Stan and I went to a party before school was out... We were the last to leave.    Doh.  And there is Stan doing the earthquake machine at the Perot Museum.  We went to a work party there, it was fun because there were no lines!  Stan could earthquake as much as he wanted....

Here is Lexi on the official last day of school.  She got her blue bonnet books award, she was very excited.

School is finally out!  I'm soooo happy to have my kids home.  My goodness, they are now 6th, 4th and 2nd graders.  WOW.