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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kicking off summer

Just before school let out, we went to the lake.  It was the first time Whit had been in the boat and he had NO fear.  The other 3 were excited... Daddy has been so busy for the last couple of summers, they are ready to hit the lake again.... 

Whit LOOOOVES the KC Pool!!!  It's going to be a great summer. We have had so much fun there already...  Daddy is most excited about their new frozen jack and coke machine.  Funny.  This pool cracks me up.  I love their new healthy menu too.  TWO THUMBS UP.

Here is my precious Alexandra, headed to her Summer Program.  I have such a hard time getting pictures of this girl!  So here is one she took of us driving.....

So I have spent more money at the Nike store this year I should get some sort of rebate...??? I'm waiting for it to arrive.  AG outgrew her Nikes, so we went to get her another pair.  Of course she chose the most girlie cutest pair they had.  Adorbs!

Here is pookie with a bowtie our friend gave us.  It suits him don't you think?  Muah!

Speaking of pookie, he has a bad mom.  No really, a BAD MOM!  I decided to take him to the dentist a full year before I took his brother and sisters because I was guessing the amount of lollipops I have given him had reaped havoc on his punkin teeth.  Sure enough, FIVE cavities.  So he is offically banned from ALL CANDY from now on. And apparently sippy cups.  He drinks milk every morning and every night but apparently sippy cups cause cavities.  Ugh.

Despite my baby's rotten mouth, summer is off to a great start.  Summer 2013 will be fun I predict.

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