Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Monday, April 29, 2013

Underground, Cars

Stan and I went to an underground dinner in Lakewood. If you don't know what those are its where a chef cooks for a small group of people in different locations around town. I have been following this guy for a while and we thought this would be a fun dinner to try.

This dinner had a theme to acknowledge all 5 living presidents in honor of the George W. Bush library opening. 

The dinner was at a house in Lakewood. We met interesting people. We had a great time.  I didn't think fast enough to take pictures of all the courses darn it. But here is the menu and 2 courses. So fun.

As I was driving along yesterday, Whit was being unusually quiet.  So, once I realized it, I turned around to see he had taken the sunblock stick and touched every surface within reach with gobs of it that he had dug out with his finger.......  No, actually, I don't care that I made "the biggest mess ever" with the sunblock stick...   We hung out at the car wash for an hour yesterday while the people helped me degrease my car.  I had to degrease baby last night.  Maybe he did it because he was tired and not naughty..... He is just too sweet to destroy my car.

 Our friends are moving so they borrowed Stan's truck and loaned us their car.  Ummm, we won that deal.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bud's life

Anderson is the most wonderful kid.  He is finally getting a life.  It's hard being number 3 seeing his big sisters get to do everything...  He still can't do as much, but he is starting to have some fun.  

He has a super fab new soccer coach.  They were playing around after practice one day and he told Anderson how to do a Bicycle Kick.  Now that's all he wants to do...  So cute.  

The second video is a video I found much later than when it was recorded.  See, he can make his own videos now.  He does have a life.  Thank goodness I get to share it!

He loves to draw, build stuff and do setups.

And he loves the drums.  He is lucky, his Piano teacher also teaches drums.  So he has given him a couple of tips....

I love YOU Anderson James.  You are the best little boy anyone could ask for.

Monday, April 22, 2013


The kids helped stuff envelopes for a fundraising campaign at the school.  They were some good free labor.  They had quite a system.

Anderson is really into making Houses of cards.  I remember Uncle Michael making these in Ft. Smith when we were little... Fun.

 Happy Birthday Cousin Jack.  Dave and Busters was so fun.  Boys had a ball and girls were a team, putting tickets together to get their prizes....

Boy, Lexi's OSD knee has been no fun.  Here she is at her last Track Race.  She sure loves the sport, hopefully she will be more conditioned by next year....  She has had to sit out most of the Soccer Season.  Bummer....

Mumsie got a new car.  Yes, that's her minivan.  We are car twinkies.  Great minds think alike.  Gma got her a new VW Bug, she is cruising around the beach in style this year!  So CUTE!

Here is Whitaker swinging in his containment vessel.

Ainsley Grace had her Girl Scout campout at Fossil Rim.  She loves Girl Scouts more than any other activity. 

Here is Lexi's wonderful Science Project.  She did a fantastic job and worked very hard.

Here is Roosevelt sleeping at night.  He sleeps on his back every single night.  It's hilarious.


At Mariano's with some friends.  The restaurant keeps this stand alone door up and Lexi's favorite thing to do is to walk through the door.  Bud and his buddy were miming. Ha.  Looks like a glass wall, huh??

At a party, these girls won a $25 gift card to Best Buy.  They agreed to split the prize 4 ways.... I took them on their shopping adventure, they mainly goofed off in the store and then settled sharpies, candy and Ferris Bueller for their winnings....

 The boys LOVED Best Buy.  This is where they stayed the entire time.

This book will make you NEVER EAT WHEAT AGAIN.  Ewww!!  It's crazy... Although his overall diet plan is not very healthy... I still prefer Dr. Fuhrman's healthy approach.  But, what an interesting read!  

Did you know this?  Eating 2 slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar more than 2 tablespoons of pure sugar.  Dude.

Ainlsey Grace's soccer team will play for 1st or 2nd place next weekend.  Here is her cute team after the craziest game I have EVER seen.  They went into 2 overtimes and STILL were tied.  Finally, they went to penalty kicks.  Ainsley Grace was the 2nd to shoot and she made her goal.  All the girls did great.  They ended up winning!  Good Luck next weekend Cheetahs!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


So the school takes Fall pictures and Spring pictures.  The Spring pictures are on a free dress day, I guess just to mix things up.  I never buy these pictures.  This year is a good example of why.  Lexi hops in the car and says, "Mom, do you want a picture of me on a necklace (dogtags) to wear around your neck?  NO?  What about a picture of me next to a stop sign?"  LOL, then she hands me her lovely pictures.  I mean even my 5th grader gets how these pictures are NOT the Way2Go.

We had choices.  I could have gotten the kids on a puzzle piece picture..... Gma and Mumsie, you want a puzzle pic?????

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 year old, Easter, Growing, Science, Cowboys and boys

Where have the last three weeks gone?  Whit turned 2 which is hard to believe this precious boy is already 24 months old.  He is the best thing EVER.  Here he is sleeping....  I lost his birthday pictures when I washed my phone in the washing machine. Here is the little sneak swinging.  He disappears, I realize it, go searching, and find that he has sneaked outside through the doggy door to play.  


Speaking of sweet babies, here is my new baby.  We are eating yummy smoothies every morning and the Kids make soup and all kinds of yummy things in this blener.  Vitamix Blender, I heart you.

Easter was wonderful.  We had a fun easter egg hunt on Saturday and kids had a great time.  That easter bunny at this party talked a little funny.... ;-)  Kids and Mom and Dad had a great time!  

On Easter Sunday we got the cuties all dressed and photographed.  I still can't get over how time is flying with them.  Another Easter.  We went to the annual Lewis Easter party and had a wonderful time.  Family pics turned out a little funky... Ha.  

Over the break we ate on the Patio at Fuel City.  Kids weren't too sure why people do this.... Good tacos.  Interesting atmosphere. Afterwards we FINALLY made it to the new Perot Musem.  It was AWESOME!

Whit cracks me up.  We ran up to have the car washed-as were are sitting waiting, he pulled 6 cars out of his pockets.  He is such a boy.

Saddle oxfords starting to look rough and hurt the feet...  Ugh, I do not want to buy a new pair before school is out!

Whit trying on swimcaps.

Anderson had Texas Roundup day at school.  These kids were soooo CUTE!  Here is his adorable 1st grade class.

Ainsley Grace signed us up to host her Science Project.  It was so much fun, these three scientests did a great job, did their work, then worked on playing.

At violin last night, our sweet friend walked in and realized Lexi has officially outgrown her preschool teacher.  Lexi said, "I can't believe I'm taller than the person who taught me to read!!!!"  Ha.  We love you sweet friend.  We can't wait for you to teach Whit to read, too!   

Speaking of violin, here is our personal violin collection.  They outgrow these things like ballet slippers.  I look at these and have sooo many memories.  Crazy.  Lexi just moved up a size and used her new violin last night.  

Finally, Lexi has been busy this spring with Track, Rec Soccer and DPL Soccer.  She has had fun, but unfortunately it has turned out to be a rough season.  After a soccer practice one night she came home in pain.  She got diagnosed with OSD in her right knee.  It's basically a combination of growing, overuse and tight hamstrings.  Next year will be better sweetie.  

 Happy April everyone.  Is it half over???!