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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Monday, April 29, 2013

Underground, Cars

Stan and I went to an underground dinner in Lakewood. If you don't know what those are its where a chef cooks for a small group of people in different locations around town. I have been following this guy for a while and we thought this would be a fun dinner to try.

This dinner had a theme to acknowledge all 5 living presidents in honor of the George W. Bush library opening. 

The dinner was at a house in Lakewood. We met interesting people. We had a great time.  I didn't think fast enough to take pictures of all the courses darn it. But here is the menu and 2 courses. So fun.

As I was driving along yesterday, Whit was being unusually quiet.  So, once I realized it, I turned around to see he had taken the sunblock stick and touched every surface within reach with gobs of it that he had dug out with his finger.......  No, actually, I don't care that I made "the biggest mess ever" with the sunblock stick...   We hung out at the car wash for an hour yesterday while the people helped me degrease my car.  I had to degrease baby last night.  Maybe he did it because he was tired and not naughty..... He is just too sweet to destroy my car.

 Our friends are moving so they borrowed Stan's truck and loaned us their car.  Ummm, we won that deal.  

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