Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 year old, Easter, Growing, Science, Cowboys and boys

Where have the last three weeks gone?  Whit turned 2 which is hard to believe this precious boy is already 24 months old.  He is the best thing EVER.  Here he is sleeping....  I lost his birthday pictures when I washed my phone in the washing machine. Here is the little sneak swinging.  He disappears, I realize it, go searching, and find that he has sneaked outside through the doggy door to play.  


Speaking of sweet babies, here is my new baby.  We are eating yummy smoothies every morning and the Kids make soup and all kinds of yummy things in this blener.  Vitamix Blender, I heart you.

Easter was wonderful.  We had a fun easter egg hunt on Saturday and kids had a great time.  That easter bunny at this party talked a little funny.... ;-)  Kids and Mom and Dad had a great time!  

On Easter Sunday we got the cuties all dressed and photographed.  I still can't get over how time is flying with them.  Another Easter.  We went to the annual Lewis Easter party and had a wonderful time.  Family pics turned out a little funky... Ha.  

Over the break we ate on the Patio at Fuel City.  Kids weren't too sure why people do this.... Good tacos.  Interesting atmosphere. Afterwards we FINALLY made it to the new Perot Musem.  It was AWESOME!

Whit cracks me up.  We ran up to have the car washed-as were are sitting waiting, he pulled 6 cars out of his pockets.  He is such a boy.

Saddle oxfords starting to look rough and hurt the feet...  Ugh, I do not want to buy a new pair before school is out!

Whit trying on swimcaps.

Anderson had Texas Roundup day at school.  These kids were soooo CUTE!  Here is his adorable 1st grade class.

Ainsley Grace signed us up to host her Science Project.  It was so much fun, these three scientests did a great job, did their work, then worked on playing.

At violin last night, our sweet friend walked in and realized Lexi has officially outgrown her preschool teacher.  Lexi said, "I can't believe I'm taller than the person who taught me to read!!!!"  Ha.  We love you sweet friend.  We can't wait for you to teach Whit to read, too!   

Speaking of violin, here is our personal violin collection.  They outgrow these things like ballet slippers.  I look at these and have sooo many memories.  Crazy.  Lexi just moved up a size and used her new violin last night.  

Finally, Lexi has been busy this spring with Track, Rec Soccer and DPL Soccer.  She has had fun, but unfortunately it has turned out to be a rough season.  After a soccer practice one night she came home in pain.  She got diagnosed with OSD in her right knee.  It's basically a combination of growing, overuse and tight hamstrings.  Next year will be better sweetie.  

 Happy April everyone.  Is it half over???!

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