Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fort Worth Getaway

Since our new little baby is coming around Spring Break, we decided to do a quick President's Day Weekend getaway to Fort Worth. The adventure actually started the day BEFORE we left. "How?" you may ask. Well, Alexandra hopped in the car after school telling me about her foot injury. Her foot was a swollen and very tender. So, she sat out at Ballet and we wrapped up her foot so she could walk more comfortably. Then, Stan comes home and shows us this:

Hello Cankle! He twisted his ankle pretty bad. So, between Alexandra's injury, Daddy's injury and my waddle we really questioned whether we should go. But, we rallied and went anyway. We were quite a sight limping and waddling at a very slow pace...

The trip started with the kids and Stan walking out the front door, walking to the bus stop in front of our local crack house, hopping on the train to Fort Worth. They loooved it. I drove to Forth Worth and parked at the hotel and walked to meet them at the train station.

We walked around Sundance Square, got the kids some Starbucks Decaf Latte's and Hot Chocolate. They were loving it, here they are hovering around the counter waiting for their treats.

We walked around Sundance, did some shopping and Alexandra took lots of pictures with her camera she got for Christmas.

After we ate lunch, we loaded up and went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Our good friends came out to Fort Worth and met us - we spent the day together at the zoo, then swimming in the hotel pool and eating a late dinner. Super fun time!

After the Zoo and swimming, they kids were tired and hungry. Here they are patiently waiting for our table at Uno's Pizza. Super fun day!

The next morning, we woke up and headed to the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth. What an amazing place. The kids LOVED it - we followed the map provided and didn't miss one little thing.

After the amazing Botanical Gardens, we headed for the Fort Worth Stockyards. First thing on the list, the Human Maze. It was hilarious and not all that easy. It really took them some time to work through it - it was really fun. Ainsley and I decided to watch them run around like mice trapped.

The kids started acting up and we had HAD ENOUGH! So, we threw in jail until we calmed down...

We had such a fun trip, the kids begged us to move into the Hotel we stayed in. We all had a great time. Thanks Fort Worth, what a beautiful city you have.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mommy Time and Valentines Day

"Has Anderson been missing the girls while they are at school?" This is the question I get repeatedly and the answer to that is a BIG NO! Haha. As much as he loves them around to have someone to play with, he is all about having more time to tell me stories and run around with me. It's been really sweet.

Here we are at Babies R Us looking for needed baby stuff.

Here is the cute man with his 3D glasses....

Here is the poor little guy on 1 and a half teaspoons of Benadryl. I took him out to have Breakfast for Lunch at Metro Diner. He almost fell asleep on his food. I barely got him home in time, he feel asleep on the couch within 2 minutes of walking in the door!

We had our Valentines Celebration Sunday night since Daddy doesn't come home on Monday's. Kids loooved it. Candy presents, balloons and cupcakes!

Here is a bonus picture of Ainsley Grace as she fell asleep on Daddy. ;)

Weather in Dallas is back to normal. Whew. Yesterday was in the high 60's. That is the Dallas I know and love. Hello sunshine!

Friday, February 4, 2011

*snow* day, finally

Snow day #4 plan has been altered. We woke up to snow. Sooo pretty.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day! I mean, Snow Week.

Well, our snow day ended up being a snow week due to the ice dump all over poor Dallas. We just don't know what to do with all that ice here... Then, I have been sick all week to boot so I didn't make the snow week super fun for the kids, but it was really nice to be home.

Sunday: Sick, clammy, chills, dizzy almost fainted during Mass and had to leave early. While I laid in bed the rest of the day, Daddy had to punt on studying and take the kids to the school art show and to violin. All went okay.

Monday: I thought I felt good until during carpool I passed the house I was supposed to pull up in because I was so spacey. I came home after drop off and never left the bed again, except to open the door for the girls after school - my friend brought them home.

Tuesday: Snow Day! Kids got to play outside, we made snow ice cream and I stayed in bed the majority of the day. Kitchen sink pipes froze, dishwasher and the downstairs toilet. No bueno.

Wednesday: Another snow day. Still felt super sick, laid in bed all day. Stan went 1905 on us and took hot water from the sink in the powder bath and hand washed dishes in the sink. I almost passed out when I walked downstairs the next day and saw the clean sink. Really impressive.

Thursday: Snow day #3 and I woke up feeling goodish. Actually made the kids breakfast (with pants, jammies, daddies sweatshirt and UGH boots of course). Cleaned a bit, paid some bills and pulled the shades and watched movies in bed with the kids. Daddy had to work. It's nice having the kids home. They are sewing, fighting, playing, dressing up, arguing... It's all good stuff.

Friday: So the plan for snowday #4: 1. Bathe 2. Make homemade valentines 3. Nurse sick son who I infected b/c he still loves to sleep with mommy and daddy (working on that before baby #4 comes - no real progress, yet....) ;) He such a snuggle buggler.

Here is a picture from my friend. While everyone around seems to be going stir crazy, I've enjoyed just being home all week. But, I am dreaming of my shades, tank tops, lucy skirts and my jcrew flip-flops to be sure... Looking forward to having running water again.... Maybe Saturday.