Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 30, 2007

It got worse.

Last night Ainsley screamed in pain while just being silly wiggling around. I felt around on the wrist area of her OTHER arm and she jumped. I called and they brought us in today and xrayed her and sure enough, Ainsley's wrist is broken. Both of her arms are casted/splinted. She was very very brave. I'm going to burn the slide that she jumped off. Look how pitiful:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ainsley, don't be Three!

No Running, Jumping, Wheels, Sand, Mulch .... Walking, Talking, Lauging. Yes, I added those last three, but that's about all I heard. Quick translation, don't be 3.

Ainsley broke her elbow (jumping off our slide). She is in a splint for a week for the pain and "quick healing." If they kept it on longer, she'd loose rotation in her forearm.

So, do I take her to the Roller Skating party this weekend and let her watch? Or, does she just get to wave to Lexi as she drives off to go...? I guess she has to sit and watch the kids on the playground next week at school...?

There are no good alternatives with this... Poor thing. She is handling it really well at this point. I can give her Motrin for the pain.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Insanity - NO PICTURES

So, we decided to throw together a lil gathering to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our friends. There isn't much to do in Dallas for kids on this day. There is a fun party on Lower Greenville if you are single and in your 20's. So, we put out the Bounce House and brought out the Pink Jeep, Bumper Cars and the rest of the plastic parade.

All went well, lots of friends, food, kids were playing, parents were having a drink, chatting, laughing, watching basketball


Stan's friends from Hockey showed up. ;) They call around 6:45ish and said they'd stop by. They are a married couple, no kids, but seem relatively harmless and very nice. All of a sudden, two cars come down the street. One with a Tiki torch hanging out of the sunroof. The other had Stan's friend, turned around backwards, pointing his finger out of the car saying, "Staaaaaaaaannn!" They had just left that Greenville party.

About 10 people piled out. One girl wearing a skirt I wore circa '89. She ran to the girls Pink Jeep and started riding it down the side walk. Another guy jumped in one of the bumper cars. A third girl, carrying the torch and a cigarette ran and jumped on Major's riding apparatus. Stan's friends asked us, "are you sure this is okay?"

While the neighbors all stood with their mouths hanging open and Stan and I with our eyes about to pop out of our head, I turned and said, "well - as long as they don't go in the house. "

Then, Major saw the chick on his motorcar and ran over there to her! Well, it was ugly but the crazy woman almost burnt lil Maa with her cigarette. So, I ran over and got her off. She grabbed her torch and Stan and I kicked them out.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :D

Monday, March 12, 2007

Buddy's getting Tubes

Anderson is having his first surgery tomorrow morning. 4 rounds of Antibiotics and he still has fluid. He does not have major hearing loss - just slight. So, he should do okay as long as he is okay during the Anesthesia. Very scary. God bless my little boy.

Here is scoop on "Ear Tubes" in case you are curious.

WHY DOES A CHILD NEED TUBES ? Indications for Ear Tubes "Tubes", also called, "PE Tubes", "PETs", or "pressure equalizing tubes", allow air to get into the ear space behind the eardrum. Air is needed in this space to allow the eardrum to move. Normally tubes, (eustachian tube) at the back of the throat, do this, but in many children, the eustachian tube is immature, or temporarily not built right, preventing the air from getting into the middle ear. If there is no air in the ear, either fluid builds up, or infections start, or both. With the buildup of fluid or infection, hearing can be affected, either temporarily or permanently. If medicines have not worked, PE tubes can prevent these problems.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's steamroll Princess Granddaddy

Gma & Granddaddy are here!!

The girls quickly resumed Hide-n-GoSeek with Grandaddy. They've been playing some good rounds of Go-Fish. They even got to make seashell necklaces with Gma...

But, I think their favorite part has been teaching the Grandparents how to "steam roll!" In the morning, they run to their room to wake them up with a good steamroll. When they are sitting trying to watch a basketball game, they get steamrolled. I think it's Grandaddy's favorite, too. ;)

Ainsley has been asking for a Kite for a few months now. Finally it was windy enough - she looooved it.