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Monday, March 12, 2007

Buddy's getting Tubes

Anderson is having his first surgery tomorrow morning. 4 rounds of Antibiotics and he still has fluid. He does not have major hearing loss - just slight. So, he should do okay as long as he is okay during the Anesthesia. Very scary. God bless my little boy.

Here is scoop on "Ear Tubes" in case you are curious.

WHY DOES A CHILD NEED TUBES ? Indications for Ear Tubes "Tubes", also called, "PE Tubes", "PETs", or "pressure equalizing tubes", allow air to get into the ear space behind the eardrum. Air is needed in this space to allow the eardrum to move. Normally tubes, (eustachian tube) at the back of the throat, do this, but in many children, the eustachian tube is immature, or temporarily not built right, preventing the air from getting into the middle ear. If there is no air in the ear, either fluid builds up, or infections start, or both. With the buildup of fluid or infection, hearing can be affected, either temporarily or permanently. If medicines have not worked, PE tubes can prevent these problems.

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