Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keeping The Carnies in business for 14 years

We celebrated our anniversary at the Magic Time Machine and it was great food, great fun! Someone had to support the cartoon sketchers and we were first in line.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nonstop May

We'll go in reverse.

Happy 14th Anniversary sweetheart! We are celebrating this weekend and we are using a babysitter for Whit. Yes, my first time to use a babysitter for one of my babies. I can do this... I can do this...
Stan started his internship on Monday! Hello office, window with view of downtown and many more exciting little things. Super fun and new for him already! Here is a snap of his "new digs."

Here is Bud holding Mo.

Here is sweet lulu - I love this picture b/c it shows her carrying her backpack that is always heavy. She is making straight A's so far - she feels really good about it!

Her class had an enterprise lesson and simulated a Mall. She decided to hearken back to the days of my first company and make lollipops! It was a HUGE hit! Thanks, Mumsie for all the reminder tips!!

Here is Miss Gracie, the dogs got her unicorn and ate off his eyes. So, she made white patches and sewed them back on so he'd have eyes. She is too sweet. She also got to say part of the prayer requests in Mass at her school's chapel. She did a fab job! That's her on the podium. Then a picture of her holding her sack lunch. She went on a fun field trip to the Dallas Aquarium - she loved it but I think her favorite part was riding on the Bishop Lynch school bus - she said she sat at the back because it was more bumpy! She figured that out pretty quick....

Here are the cuties hanging out after school playing Cootie! They love this game.

Here is Whit looking at his mobile, once he finally spotted it, he loooves it!

Here was my yummy Mothers Day dinner. It was sooo delicious and colorful! I wish we could eat like this every night.

Here is my little doodle bug spitting up during a series of pictures I took of him. I thought it was so cute. This is what mommies have to deal with, nonstop action. I love it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All three taking violin is so cute. They are all making great progress. Here are their performances.

Here is Mr. Mo waiting to hear him some mewzac!

Here is Anderson's Flower Song. He is so cute. He has done these a million times, but he was so excited, I think he got distracted or maybe a little nervous. But, he was actually very excited and he did a fantastic job staying with the music. Can't believe he is already putting his fingers down. Progress!! :-)

Ainsley Grace's Perpetual Motion. The accompaniment slowed her down a bit, but she did a great job sticking with it. She is using her 4th finger on this piece. She is about to move into some really hard pieces. She is doing fabulous! This is a very long piece - can you imagine holding your arms up for 3 minutes playing this. It makes her tired but she does sooo well! She is tough.

Alexandra's Minuet 2 written by Bach. She is finishing up her 3 minuets now and will be playing some seriously fun pieces here soon. Very exciting and she is doing great with all her music.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chucky's not that scary

Anderson must have asked 200 times when his birthday party was going to happen. He was ready to turn 5 even though I begged him not to. So, the morning he woke up as a 5 year old boy, we ushered him into our room that was filled with presents, candles and lots of excitement. He was most happy about having a bike that was no longer pink. He was quite pleased to get some additional swords and guns as well. ;-)

Of course, our party at home was just a prelude the REAL party where the real F-U-N was to take place. But, first we had to pick a cake. He looked at the cake book and saw Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars cakes and he finally decided upon this one. He wanted playing cards! :) Funny. We loved it.

The morning of his Chuck E. Cheese party, he walked into the bathroom with paper and a red marker and said, "Mom. How do you spell Chuck E. Cheese????" He could not wait until 5 o'clock when the party started. The kids had a great time playing. Even though that place is a germ haven, I hosed them off when we got home and all was good! Anderson was NOT afraid of Mr. Cheese whatsoever, unlike the little boy having his party next to us who screamed every time that mouse decided to show his face...

"This party is lame," says Poppy.

Happy 5th Birthday Big Boy. I guess it's okay for you to be 5... Thanks for a fun 5 years and for being such a SWEETheart. We all love you soo much. I love you bigger than the Universe - I WIN!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 down, 1 to go

3 years of law school have finally ended. I could see him walk taller the very next morning after his last final.

Before his last final:

After his last final:
(Well, WHAT did you expect??! He has a looong honey DO list)

Next Week New Jeoursee. Then he starts his 2 internships back to back..... Very exciting times!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Mo

Poor little Whit. His life so far has been full of kisses, peeking, sleeping and tests. Peeking you are asking? From the first day he opened his eyes, he opened one eye, looked around then closed it quickly. To this day, 7 weeks tomorrow, sometimes he will choose to open one eye, decide if we wants to open the other one. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. And, it can be either single eye. Even when I'm nursing him, he'll open either eye and look up at me while the other stays shut. It's so hilarious. So, his nickname has evolved to Pops and Poppy from Popeye.

Testing... Oh boy, these last two weeks have been a blur. His Jaundice levels are at a safe level, but he does still have Jaundice. It should have been long gone. After a bunch of tests, we found out his TSH number was high, but a few days later found out his T3&T4 numbers are fine. He got a Barium lower GI, we found out he has two extra loops in his intestines. It's called a redundant intestines. Apparently many people have this and it's no cause for health issues, but it could maybe be why he only poops every 4 days. We also found out he has two diff sized kidney's - so today we're doing a urine sample to make sure he isn't having reflux. But, this is called Hydronaphrosis - no idea how to spell this - it's the same thing Lexi had when she was born. It usually self corrects. He currently taking Actigall to help get rid of the Jaundice that is not coming out on it's own. I've gone round and round on whether I want to keep giving him this medicine and I stopped for a couple of days. But now I've started again. So, I think that's most everything in a nutshell.

Ainsley Grace has started calling him Mr. Mo as she picks him up and kisses him and loves on him. The more I say Mr. Mo the more I like it... It suits him for some reason. ;) He is one precious little boy. Funny and happy and crazy cute!

Here is Lulu, she can't get close enough to him. She'll be walking around holding him and I get frustrated saying, "Lu, I just put him down, he was happy and sleeping, leave him be!" She says, "Mom, he was about to get upset....!"