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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All three taking violin is so cute. They are all making great progress. Here are their performances.

Here is Mr. Mo waiting to hear him some mewzac!

Here is Anderson's Flower Song. He is so cute. He has done these a million times, but he was so excited, I think he got distracted or maybe a little nervous. But, he was actually very excited and he did a fantastic job staying with the music. Can't believe he is already putting his fingers down. Progress!! :-)

Ainsley Grace's Perpetual Motion. The accompaniment slowed her down a bit, but she did a great job sticking with it. She is using her 4th finger on this piece. She is about to move into some really hard pieces. She is doing fabulous! This is a very long piece - can you imagine holding your arms up for 3 minutes playing this. It makes her tired but she does sooo well! She is tough.

Alexandra's Minuet 2 written by Bach. She is finishing up her 3 minuets now and will be playing some seriously fun pieces here soon. Very exciting and she is doing great with all her music.

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