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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nonstop May

We'll go in reverse.

Happy 14th Anniversary sweetheart! We are celebrating this weekend and we are using a babysitter for Whit. Yes, my first time to use a babysitter for one of my babies. I can do this... I can do this...
Stan started his internship on Monday! Hello office, window with view of downtown and many more exciting little things. Super fun and new for him already! Here is a snap of his "new digs."

Here is Bud holding Mo.

Here is sweet lulu - I love this picture b/c it shows her carrying her backpack that is always heavy. She is making straight A's so far - she feels really good about it!

Her class had an enterprise lesson and simulated a Mall. She decided to hearken back to the days of my first company and make lollipops! It was a HUGE hit! Thanks, Mumsie for all the reminder tips!!

Here is Miss Gracie, the dogs got her unicorn and ate off his eyes. So, she made white patches and sewed them back on so he'd have eyes. She is too sweet. She also got to say part of the prayer requests in Mass at her school's chapel. She did a fab job! That's her on the podium. Then a picture of her holding her sack lunch. She went on a fun field trip to the Dallas Aquarium - she loved it but I think her favorite part was riding on the Bishop Lynch school bus - she said she sat at the back because it was more bumpy! She figured that out pretty quick....

Here are the cuties hanging out after school playing Cootie! They love this game.

Here is Whit looking at his mobile, once he finally spotted it, he loooves it!

Here was my yummy Mothers Day dinner. It was sooo delicious and colorful! I wish we could eat like this every night.

Here is my little doodle bug spitting up during a series of pictures I took of him. I thought it was so cute. This is what mommies have to deal with, nonstop action. I love it!

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Betty said...

Somewhere there is a picture of me in my school uniform with braids that looks just like that picture of sweet. Love you all, Mom