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Monday, May 9, 2011

Chucky's not that scary

Anderson must have asked 200 times when his birthday party was going to happen. He was ready to turn 5 even though I begged him not to. So, the morning he woke up as a 5 year old boy, we ushered him into our room that was filled with presents, candles and lots of excitement. He was most happy about having a bike that was no longer pink. He was quite pleased to get some additional swords and guns as well. ;-)

Of course, our party at home was just a prelude the REAL party where the real F-U-N was to take place. But, first we had to pick a cake. He looked at the cake book and saw Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars cakes and he finally decided upon this one. He wanted playing cards! :) Funny. We loved it.

The morning of his Chuck E. Cheese party, he walked into the bathroom with paper and a red marker and said, "Mom. How do you spell Chuck E. Cheese????" He could not wait until 5 o'clock when the party started. The kids had a great time playing. Even though that place is a germ haven, I hosed them off when we got home and all was good! Anderson was NOT afraid of Mr. Cheese whatsoever, unlike the little boy having his party next to us who screamed every time that mouse decided to show his face...

"This party is lame," says Poppy.

Happy 5th Birthday Big Boy. I guess it's okay for you to be 5... Thanks for a fun 5 years and for being such a SWEETheart. We all love you soo much. I love you bigger than the Universe - I WIN!

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Betty said...

Such a sweet face. I love you Anderson James. Mumsie