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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Mo

Poor little Whit. His life so far has been full of kisses, peeking, sleeping and tests. Peeking you are asking? From the first day he opened his eyes, he opened one eye, looked around then closed it quickly. To this day, 7 weeks tomorrow, sometimes he will choose to open one eye, decide if we wants to open the other one. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. And, it can be either single eye. Even when I'm nursing him, he'll open either eye and look up at me while the other stays shut. It's so hilarious. So, his nickname has evolved to Pops and Poppy from Popeye.

Testing... Oh boy, these last two weeks have been a blur. His Jaundice levels are at a safe level, but he does still have Jaundice. It should have been long gone. After a bunch of tests, we found out his TSH number was high, but a few days later found out his T3&T4 numbers are fine. He got a Barium lower GI, we found out he has two extra loops in his intestines. It's called a redundant intestines. Apparently many people have this and it's no cause for health issues, but it could maybe be why he only poops every 4 days. We also found out he has two diff sized kidney's - so today we're doing a urine sample to make sure he isn't having reflux. But, this is called Hydronaphrosis - no idea how to spell this - it's the same thing Lexi had when she was born. It usually self corrects. He currently taking Actigall to help get rid of the Jaundice that is not coming out on it's own. I've gone round and round on whether I want to keep giving him this medicine and I stopped for a couple of days. But now I've started again. So, I think that's most everything in a nutshell.

Ainsley Grace has started calling him Mr. Mo as she picks him up and kisses him and loves on him. The more I say Mr. Mo the more I like it... It suits him for some reason. ;) He is one precious little boy. Funny and happy and crazy cute!

Here is Lulu, she can't get close enough to him. She'll be walking around holding him and I get frustrated saying, "Lu, I just put him down, he was happy and sleeping, leave him be!" She says, "Mom, he was about to get upset....!"

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