Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thanksgiving break was really nice this year.  We went from cheerleading to parties, to dinner with friends.  Lexi got to Alter Serve at a wedding Saturday Night which was neat for her.  On to volleyball practices and doctor appointments, AT&T service waiting as our phone lines got chewed by Lexi's favorite animal (squirrel) and finally we carved out time to go see a movie.  It was a first for us, I let Ainlsey Grace watch Anderson and Whitaker and they saw Big Hero 6 while Alexandra and I had our 3rd Annual Hunger Games date.  It was really fun.  Finally, we loaded up quickly and drove up to Okmulgee.  It was freezing.  I mean freezing.  The weather said, 36 and feels like 28.  Now, did that stop our children from as soon as they arrived to Mumsie's house from jumping in the pool?  No.  No it didn't.  It was so cold I would not even stand out there to watch them.  I took 1 picture then ran back inside.  Our kids are crazy.  But that spa setting on the pool worked.  The water was very warm!

It did warm up on Friday though even though it was still too cold to swim.  They played with the "Bumper Boats" that Mumsie and Grandaddy bought for them.  They loved those things.  Makes me wish we had a pool....

Here are Mumsie and Grandaddy in their new Food Truck.  When they bought this thing it was empty.  Kenneth has spent the last year finishing this thing out on weekends.  They are super excited to get started.  The kids are DYING to be carnies with them.  They are going to do awesome!  I just hope they don't work too hard!! 


The day after we ate a delicious thanksgiving feast, we went on a Turkey Burn walk/hike.  We had a great time, the view was spectacular.  We were at Okmulgee/Dripping Springs State Park.  The cool thing is there were 2 Geocache's there.  One on the trail and one on the dam.  The first one on the trail we looked and looked for but had no luck.  Finally we made our way to the Dam.  We were looking and going down some serious terrain.  Extremely steep hills.  I had to carry Whitaker up one of those hills.  At one point I literally threw him over a big piece of brush, pushed him a little forward knowing he would then be on his hands and knees.  Then I had to step over and keep going.  OMG, it was crazy really.  But, after looking and looking, we FINALLY found it!!  It was hanging from a Cedar tree.  We had such a fun fun adventure.  It is so FUN now that Whitaker can come with us!!!

 Here they are on the steep hill where they found the cache. I finally climbed up next to them to see the loot and take a picture of them.

Both Alexandra and Anderson found the cache close to the same time so they took turns wearing a little plastic metal that was inside.

 Anderson found this brick in the wooded terrain that Stan took him in.... He was excited to find it! 

I love this picture.  Love it.  They were walking together and talking about the big adventure we had just had.  They were getting along so well until they finally spotted the car and started arguing and jockeying for car seat positions. ;) 

That night we drove over to Muskogee where they had a Christmas village. The kids got to go on a hay ride, ride a pony, see "Father Christmas" and drive through a large blowup display.... It was fun.

Finally, we started home... We needed to grab lunch on the way and Daddy, who always has some new idea, decided we were going to eat at the Choctaw casino.  No.  I begged him no.  We went, inhaled a serious amount of smoke and ate at their version of a diner.  We got in trouble by the weird waitress, at lunch while most were eating breakfast and left.  The kids swear they will never go back there.  It was pretty funny.  And gross. 

It was a great Thanksgiving.  A great way to kick off the holidays.  I am so thankful for so much, words just don't capture it.  But, my heart goes out to all who are suffering right now with a sick child.  Those who are lonely.  Those in prison and remorseful.  There is so much sadness while we have more blessing then we can count.  God, help me stay humble.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Marble Run

Anderson and I finally spent the time the other morning to build our marble run.  It was so cool, I had put off doing this with him for a really long time. ;-(  Thank goodness we ralleyed and finally did it.  Great time with a great result.  Except for the part where he cried bc Whitaker wanted to help..... It's okay, it's not fun to always share and to have a 3 year old demanding everything....  He stuck it out.  Love this boy of mine.

Cold weather, end of season, friends

The weather is getting colder.  Football season always amazes me because at the beginning of the season I am covering the girls with sunblock and at the end of the season they are wearing hand warmers.  Here they are on one very cold day.  But, they say, if the boys play football in this weather, the girls can cheer! Blankets, coats, hand warmers, ear warmers, bows.  Check!

Here is whoopy showing us his moves.

Uncle Jim came for a visit, it was fun to hang out with him!  And Anderson loved getting to see his best friend and cousin, Jack.  Whitaker is now obsessed with sweet Emma his cousin.  He told me, Emma was his best fwend.  But, below is the picture of the sweet girl who is his Mother Hen at school.  Whit comes home telling me about this girl every day.  If she is not there, he cries and says he missed her!  It is TOO SWEET.

Speaking of crying, I should be crying over this if was not just the sweetest thing ever!  I'm thankful for this baby, although the feeling apparently not mutual! ‪#‎ingrate‬ ‪#‎choppedliveralert‬ ‪#‎ilovehimsomuchitsallgood‬

Anderson has some big news!  He is about to get some glasses.  A -1.25 correction.  YIKES!!! :(  Here he is at a cold football game with his buddies and playing with his brother....