Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watcing you. --Robert Fulghum
A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter, Daydreams, Dorks and Teamwork!

My sweet little Easter bunnies.  Wonderful Mass, wonderful reasons, wonderful community, wonderful celebration.  
My cool dude.  He was cute dressed up as a doctor.  I got a day dream and a picture before he wiped his nose on his shirt. :P

Over the break we reorged our playroom.  They get pretty delirious with all the work and start messing around.  She is the biggest dork on the planet! I love her so much!

 How cool is this football Mumsie and Grandaddy got signed by all the Heisman winners at OU! 

Final four fun with friends 
 Ainsley Grace has waited one long year to have her fuzzy chair.  Look what Stan and I did.  He did all the hard work, dis assemble, prep, paint and reassemble.  I slapped the fuzzy fabric on and voila!  We make a good team.  How would you like to sit in this chair to do your homework??  I have a happy 4th grader!    

How about this throwback picture I found.  Alexandra going into Kinder and AG was 3 about to be 4.  Mommy eye candy.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wonderful little boy

 It is amazing to see how individual each of my kids are.  Whitaker is fabulous just like his older brother Anderson.  But is so different already.  For Anderson's 3rd Birthday party, he was OBSESSED with pirates.  Whitaker doesn't even know what that is.  He has a one track mind.  Trains and Cars.  He saw this told vintage Choo Choo one day when I was out thrift shopping and lost his mind until I agreed to buy it. The train and a chair please.  He loooooves this toy.  He loves it.

Here he is doing a FABULOUS job potty training.  I waited until he turned 3 to even mention it...  It turned out to be a good choice for him!
Here he is trying to flood the house.  I walked in just in time. Scary!!!  
But, how can you get mad at that FACE?!?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Birthday boy and Spring Break

Spring break was extra fun this year, although the biggest news is the sweetest baby in the world is now 3.  I can hardly believe it is true....

We kicked off Spring Break with a trip to Mumsie's.  It was too cold to swim, but the kids can't wait to go back up in the summer and splash in the pool! Mumsie had fun hanging out with the kids, as always.

 After we came home and got organized, we drove up to our sweet friends lake house and the kids had a ball running wild, going to the clubhouse for face painting, crafts and just playing, playing, playing!

 Then we came home and rested and cleaned for a few days.  Then off to our other friends lakehouse we went.  That's where we sang sweet Whitaker happy birthday.  Ugh, I love him soo much.

The kids had fun.  It was cold but that did not stop them from intertubing.  They hung on for dear life since they knew if they fell in, it would not feel good. They had a ball.  We are so grateful to our friends to host our big family.  Best friends in the world. 

On our way home, Gma and Gdad got Whitaker his favorite thing in the world.  A Cake with Cars! Perfect. 

Happy Birthday you beautiful boy.  We love you more than you could ever know.