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Sunday, May 16, 2010

More First Communion Pictures

Kerry took some wonderful pictures of Alexandra's First Communion.... Here they are - thank you sweet Lanie!!! :)

We Love You Alexandra Elizabeth!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alexandra's First Communion

One of the most special days in a long time. My parents and my brother came from Tulsa and Kerry from San Antonio - we had a fun time hanging out. Alexandra really felt the importance of what she was about to do. The day started great - she was very excited to wear her dress and veil that we had made just for her and she picked herself from sketches.

Some last adjustments before I left to go to the church and she went to sit with the other First Communicates.

The Church was beautiful with all the pink roses! It was PACKED with all the children's families there. Father John did a great job with the Homily talking to the children. Just a fantastic ceremony, Mass and music. Very beautiful and special.

She spent a year preparing. She was very excited. I happened to get a picture right as she looked back at us! Yay! :)

She got a beautiful necklace and many other sweet precious gifts from everybody. Her and Ainlsey and Anderson got lots of fun attention from Lexi's Godparents! Here they are, lauging and cracking up! Fun and special times!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun Fourth

The party was fun, pump-it-up is kid heaven. They were cute all running around with their super hero capes on.
Here they are watching the "instructions." Waiting to get started...
Going down head first!
All the Superheros worn OUT!
Cake Time!
Happy 4th Birthday to my SuperHero!
I love you, AnderMan!