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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ainsley, don't be Three!

No Running, Jumping, Wheels, Sand, Mulch .... Walking, Talking, Lauging. Yes, I added those last three, but that's about all I heard. Quick translation, don't be 3.

Ainsley broke her elbow (jumping off our slide). She is in a splint for a week for the pain and "quick healing." If they kept it on longer, she'd loose rotation in her forearm.

So, do I take her to the Roller Skating party this weekend and let her watch? Or, does she just get to wave to Lexi as she drives off to go...? I guess she has to sit and watch the kids on the playground next week at school...?

There are no good alternatives with this... Poor thing. She is handling it really well at this point. I can give her Motrin for the pain.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little Ainsley !!!
It is so hard to be so little in this great big world. All of those bumps, bruises and owies.

I bet Mommy needs as many hugs and kisses as Ainsley ! It is hard when your baby is hurt.

Nana Debi