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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day! I mean, Snow Week.

Well, our snow day ended up being a snow week due to the ice dump all over poor Dallas. We just don't know what to do with all that ice here... Then, I have been sick all week to boot so I didn't make the snow week super fun for the kids, but it was really nice to be home.

Sunday: Sick, clammy, chills, dizzy almost fainted during Mass and had to leave early. While I laid in bed the rest of the day, Daddy had to punt on studying and take the kids to the school art show and to violin. All went okay.

Monday: I thought I felt good until during carpool I passed the house I was supposed to pull up in because I was so spacey. I came home after drop off and never left the bed again, except to open the door for the girls after school - my friend brought them home.

Tuesday: Snow Day! Kids got to play outside, we made snow ice cream and I stayed in bed the majority of the day. Kitchen sink pipes froze, dishwasher and the downstairs toilet. No bueno.

Wednesday: Another snow day. Still felt super sick, laid in bed all day. Stan went 1905 on us and took hot water from the sink in the powder bath and hand washed dishes in the sink. I almost passed out when I walked downstairs the next day and saw the clean sink. Really impressive.

Thursday: Snow day #3 and I woke up feeling goodish. Actually made the kids breakfast (with pants, jammies, daddies sweatshirt and UGH boots of course). Cleaned a bit, paid some bills and pulled the shades and watched movies in bed with the kids. Daddy had to work. It's nice having the kids home. They are sewing, fighting, playing, dressing up, arguing... It's all good stuff.

Friday: So the plan for snowday #4: 1. Bathe 2. Make homemade valentines 3. Nurse sick son who I infected b/c he still loves to sleep with mommy and daddy (working on that before baby #4 comes - no real progress, yet....) ;) He such a snuggle buggler.

Here is a picture from my friend. While everyone around seems to be going stir crazy, I've enjoyed just being home all week. But, I am dreaming of my shades, tank tops, lucy skirts and my jcrew flip-flops to be sure... Looking forward to having running water again.... Maybe Saturday.

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