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Monday, September 3, 2012

Santa Fe Railcar

 We had a labor day getaway to Glenrose, Texas.  We stayed at a very kid friendly B&B called Country Woods Inn.  Loved only driving a little over an hour and arriving at a sweet country town 10 minutes from Fossil Rim and 10 minutes from Dinosaur Valley State Park.  A windy path took us to an old converted Santa Fe Boxcar deep in the woods.  The owner of the property has rescued many historical cottages and moved them onto her land.  But we got to stay in an actual train car.  It had a little kitchen, full bath, 2 sets of big bunk beds and a play area right outside.  It was equipped with walking sticks, maps to find the paths for hiking, a swimming hole all next to a river!  GORGEOUS.  But that's not all.  Seriously, that was only half.  If you go down to the Breakfast Barn where they serve breakfast, you will find horses, roosters, goats, sheep, bunny rabbits.  It was all there for the kids to go any time they want to feed the animals.  Such a sweet place!

We went into town the first night and realized they were having a 5k race the next morning.  So, we decided to join in.  The kids did great, Lexi did the entire distance.  Ainsley, Anderson and I did  90% of it.  After the race Anderson got face paint and the girls got Henna. Super fun morning.



That afternoon, we headed to Fossil Rim.  Wow.  I mean, WOW!  Looooved the countryside, hills and of course these amazing animals.

Finally we visited Dinosaur Valley and looked at fossilized dinosaur prints.  Stan took the kids on a long hike down the river bed.  They could hear on the first hollar to let me take a picture.  Ha.

 They also had a big swimming hole.  The kids swam for a little while and Whit got to dig for rocks and throw them.  He found this rock.  He was about to throw it when I spotted it and snatched it from his hand. Cool.


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TateFarmGirl said...

What a cool trip! Love the boxcar idea:)) Talya