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Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 years without toilet paper

One of my favorite things to do is play Fantasy Football.  It makes watching the NFL so much fun.  I have a Mom's Only league that has been together for 8 years.  Different people have come and gone, but it is such a great time every year no matter who plays.  I love it.  Some moms have super cool team names, but for some reason I got into the habit of letting the kids pick my names.  They are pretty out there sometimes but I end up working well them.  Here is my list of names from the beginning:

2005 Mama look at ME (from the girls)
2006 AnderBuddy (Bud)
2007 Hungry Landsharks (all of them)
2008 Bad Wazzoos (all of them - once they learned Wazzoo meant butt, I had to use it)
2009 Big Bad Poodles (Ainsley Grace)
2010 Shake and Bake (all of them and a little of Stan)
2011 Lava Sus Manos (Lulu)
2012 Dominating Donuts (Ainsley Grace's obsession - she insisted I have a donut name)

Here is the drafting room right before everyone arrived.... I wish I had a picture of all the cute mamas who participate.

Another oddity is almost every year, our draft ends up being on my birthday.  Of course I never say anything, but one squeaky wheel keeps announcing it to everyone.  Last year they brought me some pretty sweet 40th gifts.  

This year, they went nuts.  These crazy moms decided to wish me a Happy Birthday in a brand new, footballesque, nasty smack talk manner.  We went 7 years without having to come to this.  After the draft, I went to put the baby down to sleep.  After he fell asleep, I went back downstairs to get our draft sheets and I glanced outside.  My eyes bulged.  

They are nothing but low life pastry haters!  ;-)  
Kids loved it.

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