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Sunday, August 19, 2012


We got to take a family vacation to celebrate Stan FINALLY FINALLY finishing Law School and Bar studies.  We headed down south 5 hours and the next thing you know you are on the beach.  We went with our college friends and their families.  We had always heard iffy things about Galveston Beach but I'm not sure why.  We were all very pleasantly surprised, it's a beautiful place and a great place for the kids.  It had a ton of things to do.  We spent lots of time on the beach and the kids loved it.  Whit of course was covered from head to toe and ear to ear in sand.   The big kids loved playing and digging.  They hadn't dug in sand since they were little at Gma and Gdads house, but they knew exactly what to do.


One night we had a super fancy dinner of fresh fish a Gaidos.  YUM.  Lexi even tried crab and boiled shrimp!  Another night we went down to the Pleasure Pier.  It had just opened up in May of 2012 because of the Hurricane damage of Ike.  It was pretty fun.  Kids loved it.

Pretty views.....

 On the last full day there we walked out to the beach to set up and low and behold, an act of nature made us all gasp!  There was a "fish kill" which apparently is caused by lack of oxygen.  There were hundred's of thousand's of dead fish alllllll over the beach!  It was nasty nasty.  We were pretty grossed out but tried to make the best of it at first.  Stan went and grabbed a rake and started clearing a spot for us on the beach.... We looked over and noticed a photographer snapping pictures of him flinging the fish.  He had turned it into some sort of sport..... Well, come to find out, Stan's picture got plastered on the front page of the Galveston newspaper, THEN the picture got "picked up" and ran in the Houston, Austin and the national paper USA Today...  Apparently the Diane Sawyer morning program also showed the photograph.  So, Stan has now added Famous Fish Flinger to his resume.

We finally got too grossed out and decided to take the kids to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens.  That whole Moody Gardens campus was pretty incredible.... Palm Beach was great, it had a Lazy River, wave pool and places for Whit to run, splash and play.  Turned out to be a very nice day.....  Here are the goofballs with their Siberian Chill.  Brain freeze!

 Goodbye Galveston, thank you for such a fantastic trip for our family!

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