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Monday, June 28, 2010

Daddy Stuff

"Sooo, how is Stan? Is he out of school? Is he still grumpy?"
Well, he always has a little grump to keep me on my toes. But, thank goodness he is doing fabuloso! School is good just hard physically on him. Now that Cisco knows he is on summer break, he is having to work more (hence a trip to Vietnam. really??!?!? UGH). BUT, at least it's just work. It's not BOTH and he is enjoying the break. He is taking his boat out and spending more time with the kids. Helping me a little more. It's nice. He's home.
First thing on the agenda. New Car. Our Rover finally bit the dust. After we had a sad fest over since we both really enjoyed driving that truck. After 10 years of owning it - goodbye.
Here is his new Truck. And finally, a Pick-up! He has been eyeing Ford
F-150's for a while. Yes, he is super uber excited. But, what is interesting is the kids think my mini-van is still cooler since I have a TV! Haha, I love it. But they are really tempted to switch sides since Daddy has a secret window....

Here is happy daddy on super happy Fathers Day! And, what would make him so happy you may be asking...??? No, I know you know already. Waking boarding on da boat.... And a nice big steak while overlooking the lake.

Here is the Captain.

Happy Daddy's Day!

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