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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homeschool Planning - my head hurts

Two words - Holy Options! Looking at all the options out there is truly interesting, fascinating, time consuming and overwhelming - all at the same time. You should SEE my spreadsheet! All 3 kids have 3 differing needs and for sure I'm going to meet those needs. But, first, decisions.

Math - ABeka, MCP, Chicago Math, Singapore Math, Shiller (Montessori) Math, Saxon and the list just goes on and on and on.... I gave the girls an assessment test yesterday and they were so excited to take a test! Yet another gift from White Rock Montessori.

Phonics - 100's of options and methods and book choices. But, I'm narrowing here.

Literature - I'm going Classical all the way on this one and the book list is truly impressive! My kids are going to be learned FOR SURE. Of course, I'll have to stay up late to read these books too - right? I mean, it's true that Alexandra is already way smarter than me, but she can't be better read too! Okay, I guess that is a forgone conclusion - I'll let it go and get my sleep. I'm so excited for her reading assignments.

History - Really excited about this one - Fabulous set called Story of the world. Beautiful and very good and interesting! Love!

Spelling and Grammar - Catholic Heritage has just amazing options. They also have Latin Primer that the girls will do. Yet another area where I will be cramming to be ready. Fingers crossed.

Science - All my homeschool friends all recommend ABeka on this one. It looks great - Science makes my face shrink up and my eyes squint. Let's just say Science does not make me all warm and fuzzy.... But, looking at the samples of the ABeka stuff, they all look like experiments that I can do. So far. Except the one with earth worms in a jar of the room - I guess I'll send the kids out to collect them - thank you White Rock Montessori for allowing my kids to loooove nature!

Logic/Critical Thinking - Good options here for the little ones at Teachers Aide... Alexandra did these at White Rock and I love them.

Catechises - This I'm so excited about - we have these fabulous Good News Planners and some good old fashioned Baltimore Catechisms! With the Latin and the Logic we are going to do, we are really going to dig in on some basic Truth 101. Does it exist? You bet it does... Can't wait for this part.

Oh, and there is more... But, this is a good start.

Ainlsey is ready to start NOW! She says, "mom, I want to start my spelling book NOW. Go to your office and get it!" So, I got that ordered last night... Fun. Alexandra is ready and needs some challenging work! I'm on it... Anderson is also ready for phonics - constantly wants to do the Dollar Store workbooks I have bought in the past - he is hungry for learning.

Let's do this! God, bless me on this path...

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