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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer "Schedule"

We have so much fun together. We actually do have a summer schedule, with Swim Team, Art Class, Gymnastics and scheduling playdates. With Daddy gone this week having a culture shock in Vietnam (blog to come on THAT ONE!), we've been hanging out having some summer fun. Oh, and driving Daddy's truck while he is gone! Wooo, hooooo!! ;) Well, my car is in the shop to fix the hail damage from a couple of years ago... But, I can tell you, it's making him cringe... ;)

Swim team has been really great this year - we have so many friends on the team, it's like a Daily Playdate slash Mom's Chat session! Good times!

Here is Ainsley "playing with Lincoln!" He loves it! Really!!

Here are the kids posing for me before they do their Gymnastics! We are taking gymnastics at WOGA and it is soooo FUN to go! While the kids are getting very good instruction, I get to watch multiple U.S.A. Team Members practice! Totally cool. This is the gym where Carly Patterson and Nastia Luiken trained. I'm totally star-struck - and yes, it's worth the weekly drive to PLANO... wince...

Here is Sha-Bo soo happy with his structure - I had to "take a picture before he could put it up." :) He is such a creative little boy!

Here is my adorable little man working hard in Violin! He is loving it and it's really hard for him so far... He is learning a ton and really being challenged. It's so good for him - it's wonderful!

Here is the team at the splash park after Art Class.

I don't know about y'all, but I get presents every day! I get paintings, drawings, sculptures. It's super fabulous. Here are three of Alexandra's from this week that are my favorite!!! :D

Summer is FUN, indeed.

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