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Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer of Sewing

The girls have been sewing up a storm! They both took the Sewing 101 class at JoAnn's and made a pillowcase. Ainsley did great. She sewed, back-stitched, ironed, used her seam ripper. She worked really hard on her entire project. It was the second time for Alexandra to take that class. We bought extra fabric so when we got home, she made Anderson his own pillowcase, too all on her own...

Since the class, Ainsley made a purse, pouch and a little pillow for Alexandra's teddy. Alexandra made a skirt, Anderson's pillowcase and a couple of pouches, purse and placemat.... They looove it!

The sewing room is at full capacity!

Here are my little hard workers!

Here is lulu
Here is Alexandra's Purse, Pouch, Placemat and Pillowcase! She did backing on the placemat and made patches, too!
Here is the skirt Alexandra made for her sister but they have agreed to share it since they both love it sooo much! She made little pockets for the front. CUTE!
Here they are with their pillows! Perfect for a PILLOW FIGHT!!!

I'm soo proud of my little seamstresses!

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