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Monday, July 1, 2013

Funny Geek and trades

This little girl is one of, if not the funniest person I know.  We laugh so hard, she has such a sense of humor.  While I'm exceptionally grateful for this part of her personality, it also keeps me from getting good pictures of her.  

As cute and funny as she is, did I mention she is the biggest geek?  No really, it's awesome.  This Mime just fixed my wifi and clouded my pictures on my PC so I don't have to upload anymore. I love having my own personal Geek Squad.  Here she is at her Mime Show at the closing ceremonies of DECATS.  Adorable and a lot of fun.

Anderson has a new passion.  Trading football cards.  He said, "Mom, I wish I had a brother who I could trade football cards with."  Aww buddy, you wish you had an older brother?  "Yes, Mom, or a younger brother or one my size, as long as his hand has football cards."   This new passion started with this amazing football camp that gave the boys football cards everyday.

Bud LOVED this camp and was named the MVP of his group of boys!  Of course we were so proud.  He is a blast to watch.  Here he is doing his obstacle course at the end.  He had so much FUN and came home every day exhausted.

This camp brought in two current Cowboys players, Brandon Carr and Dwayne Harris.  Anderson also won a signed picture of Dwayne Harris.  Sooo cool, those players now have a new biggest fan.


Speaking of trading.  Lowes has the BEST trading cards.  Apparently.  AG and her friend attracted a crowd of kids who also wanted to trade.

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