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Friday, February 23, 2007

Splish, Splish, Splash and Princess Ainsley

Funny pics. Anderson loves his bath... The girls beg to have a bath with him - he is their little doll. Anderbuddy is on his 2nd round of Antibiotics... This ear infection is not completely clearning up. Could mean scary stuff in the future - fingers crossed round 2 works. Anyway, here they are playing....

Ainsley is really into her accessories. Notice the 3 necklaces, ring, glasses... She now calls herself Princess Ainsley. Except for when she wants to spit. Yes, you read that correctly. Her new thing that drives us all crazy. I told her that Princesses don't spit and she said, I'm not a princess right now. Looking forward to her outgrowing that activity.

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becky said...

Oops! Was I not supposed to teach her how to spit? I thought all self-respecting godmommies did Spitting 101.