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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Anderson doesn't say a whole lot of words. He says Mommm, Dat and Boow. Booow means Ball. So, when I tell people Anders doesn't talk much in front of Alexandra, she looks at me and says, "Mom! He says bow (with perfect pronunciation) and ut oh!" He loooooooves balls. And cars. Very typical boy and it's fun for us - the boy thing is REAL and we're learning it first hand. New experiences are fun and this no exception. Anderson is full blown entertainment. We are all always laughing at him, every single day. He is funny and silly, busy and scary.

Anyway, we keep the balls in this corner cab of the playroom. They are hidden accessed through a removable piece in the cabinet. Anders will climb up the cabinet and scream, over and over and over, Booooooooow! Boooooooow! Booooooooow! until I come to him and say, Anders, do you want a Ball? He smiles and says Bow!

Sometimes he makes me tired b/c I never know which one he wants. So, yesterday I just put him inside the cabinet, he said bow, bow, bow over and over and stayed in there for probably 20 minutes before he was done.
In these pictures he is DIRTY, but I had to post them.

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becky said...

I must say, I LOVE his mad scientist coiff!