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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lexi's Silly Funny Self

Here is a picture she took.

"Mom, I'm going to create a new play and call it the Egg Cracker. Get it, not the Nut Cracker."

"Mom, I'm going to pretend to be in a TV program. It's called, 'Wake up, Princess.'" Funny things followed...

Last night she created a "Getting ready in the morning symphony." [Sing in your head while reading]

Get Dreeeeeessed, get dreeeeessed. Get dressed get dressed get dressed!
Go Brush your teeeeeth, Go Brush your teeth, please go Brush your teeth!
we. don't. want.

[Ainsley chimes in]
Put on your fast shoes!
Let's have a pillow fight.

[I chime in.]
Stop plaaaayyying! Stop plaaaayyying!

What do you want for breakfast??

I want iiiit, IF we don't have it.

IF we have iiiit I DO.NOT.WANT.IIIIIT.

We have waffles? No! I don't want thaaaaat.
We don't have waffles? Please, can I have a waffle.

We do not have yogurrrrrt. But, I reeeeally, reeally want some thaaat!
We have some yogurt? Oh yucky!

Here she is, Anders climbed up in her arms and fell asleep. Sweetie Pies.


Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME!

veronica said...

oh my gracious, that is absolutely precious. I KNOW that song. :)

good to see your blog!!