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Friday, November 21, 2008

But, you're just so cute when you are mad.

I started the kids on a gum habit. When the kids are hungry and want a snack, the world must stop b/c of their starvation. So, considering their less than perfect teeth brushing skills and the need to buy time, I've started purchasing gum in large quantities. So, today on the way home, Lexi lost a pack of gum in the car. She would not look around for it when I was asking her to, so I told her "you may not come in the house until you find the gum. I do NOT want a lost package of gum in the car!"

After a minute, she came inside... "Where was it?" I asked. "It was under my seat!" Then she stomped upstairs.

When Lexi is mad, she often write notes to tell me how she feels. So, one by one, she brought me 8 pieces of paper describing her state.

1. 'This is the worst day of my life and I mean it!' lots of sad faces
2. 'Would you describe today? Super Bad'
3. "Riddles. What do you call a bad day? A worst day. What do you call today? History.'
4. 'How does a crane feel when someone steals his talent? Super super super super mad'
5. 'Not giving me orbit gum STINKS'
6. 'Today is called: turn that smile upside down'
7. 'Today stinks.' big sad face.
8. 'Is what today feels like.' Connected cursive L's spiraling down the page from one corner to the other.

By the time I was done reading them, we were both laughing. Then she apologized to me and Ainsley for accusing us of losing the gum. Lil' buggle, she is such a sweetheart. Who gets MAD.

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