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Saturday, June 20, 2009

VBS & Swim

This is our 7th year taking swim lessons with Ms. Carol. It's a two week slam of lessons everyday for 2 weeks and this year we had Vacation Bible School during one of the weeks. So, with Stan out of town for a that crazy week, we were very very busy. Although tiring for mommy, the kids did fantastic and enjoyed themselves and learned many things. Lots of wonderful discussions with them.

Below are pictures, notice Ainsley's missing teeth. She lost #5 and the tooth fairy made a visit. Annnnd, Potty Training, Mumsie's Birthday, Fathers Day, Cleaning the house (AHH, HA HA HA I don't worry about that one), Laundry, T-shirt Surgery (VBS Shirts - notice Ainsley's design - all her idea), God Daughters Birthday Party, Long awaited Playdate and Swim Meet... I reeeally need some extra sleep. ANYWAY!

We took lessons with our cousins. It was so fun seeing them everyday.

Here is Lexiloo doing the Survival Swim. If you are ever stranded in water, this allows you to float along with the water/waves while resting your body and taking a few breaths. Tough, but she did it!

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Janie K. Peterson said...

LOVE the T-shirt cute!