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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fire Triangle and Swim Meet

[Ainsley] "Mommy, I made something for you... here!"
[Mom] What is it?
[Ainsley] "A Fire Triangle!"
[Mom] Oh yeah... What's that?
[Ainsley] "It shoots out fire. And it has bullets in it. And it recharges - you don't have to charge it by yourself and it will make more bullets. It also gives you juice. And it gives you ice cream. And it cleans your room. "

About 5 seconds go by....

[Ainsley] "You can also get more than one drink at a time. It will serve out of the back, side or front. And it's a guessing game and you guess what drink comes out. And if you can't guess you have to play tic tac toe. And it helps you play so good you can beat the best person in the world!"

About 2 seconds of silence....

[Ainsley] "And it serves Coca cola."

[Mom] Ainsley, you don't like Coca cola.
[Ainsley] "It's for you."
[Mom] I don't like Coca cola.
[Ainsley - leaning in, wispering] "It serves a pitcher for daddy on his birthday."

A moment of silence, then...

[Ainsley] "Wait! I have one more detail to put on it... A heart covered in purple. You dial in what you want it to say [while making typing fingers], then it gives you valentines and you can decorate it any way you want."

Alexandra had a great day. In two of her heats, she came in 1st in the free-style and 2nd in the back stroke! Doing well in her heats has really motivated her, as you can imagine... Talking about the year-round swim team... It was the last swim meet of the season and it ended on a fabulous note!! GO KC SHARKS!!!!

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