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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bowling Night

We loaded up the team and went bowling!

Alexandra has told us for 2 days now how much fun Saturday Night was. Here she is getting mad at the direction of her ball. She'd watch it until it hit and turn around with a mad face every time.

I wish I had a video of Anderson. He is so strong, he put his fingers in the ball. Walked it over to the lane. Then, threw it straight down. We'd all whence and then it would slowly roll all the way down. He even got a strike!
Here is daddy winning and Lexi taking pictures. ;)

Sweet Ainsley had so much fun. After her first turn, "Mom, can we play more than one game?" You'll have 10 turns Ainlsey. After turn, 2. "Mom, can we play more than one game?" And so on.... She loved it.

Final Score. How the kids beat me is beyond me. I want a rematch.
The bowling allies have bumpers for the kids, nowadays. They program the bumper to rise up everytime it's their turn. Pretty cool. Wonder if I could get the bumpers....

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