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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Lightening speed. I sure wish I had another week of being home with my babies. Love love having them here... Waking up with nothing to do. We had a fun Spring Break - we didn't do much but hang out and have friends over and that seemed to work out just fine. Good Times...

Saturday and Sunday - It all started out with Dog Sitting Coach Kathryn's Dog, Nicholas! The kids dragged this little guy from one activity to the next. They loooooved having a lap dog. He was such a sweetie, too. Mom and Dad weren't so thrilled b/c the dog is not fixed and kept marking. So, we'll be looking forward do sending home.... But, it was also fun having a little dog around. Lincoln and him messed with each other for half the week - now they seem to be friends and actually play with each other... We may be on the lookout for a little dog for us to have - a fixed boy poodle most likely. We'll see....

Monday - Clean, Clean, Clean. They were "miserable until mommy said we were done cleaning!"

Tuesday - Mall rats and Auction stuff. We went to the mall with some friends and the girls got to go to their favorite store of all time Justice just for girls. Anderson was happy when I took him next door to the toy store and bought him a "Bwaster water gun!" After that, Tango Fandango Auction folks came by and while the kids played, we made about 1 million paper flowers and invitations.

Wednesday - Saint Patrick's Day! The day started with those rascally leprechauns coming to our house and put all the dining chairs on top of the table and made a mess generally! They left their trail and their drunken treasures... After we cleaned up from that, we had a party with school friends! The kids came over and made St. Patty's Day tank tops and played all day long. Plus, Anderson's "big sis" from school came over and played with him - he loooooves her still (he's loved her since he was a baby - he would not go to anyone but me or HER!). Fun fun day for the kiddos! They like to steal my iPhone and take random pictures. Here are a few!

Thursday - Recovery from Wednesday. Watched movies and relaxed.

Friday - Beautiful sunny day - went to the park with some neighbor friends, ate at chic-fil-a then went to Baby Bean Wear to talk about Alexandra's First Communion Dress.

Saturday - Our super good friends from OU came over with their kids - everyone had a great great time! Although we kept staring outside at the unusual happenings. SNOW!! again!!! during spring break!!! ugh!!!! i want my Texas weather.... BAD!

Sunday - Our Backyard on the last day of Spring Break!!
CRAY to the ZEE!

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