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A person's a person, no matter how small. --Dr. Seuss

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andersonisms Part 2

Sitting down, working on a workbook, he says, "Here, let me put a pencil in my ear like all workers do."

"Mommy will you marry me? Here is your ring. WAIT! Mom, we forgot to smooch!"

Buddy, grab your legos and other toys off my nightstand I'm running out of room... "Mom! My back hurts."

"Mom, my weapons are gun and a ball. Mom, your weapon is this paper sword.... So, Mom, good luck with that (with a grin on his face)."

"Mom, denada. Oh, and Mom, gracias... Does that mean Thank you?"
Yes. And You're Welcome.

"Yes, I know that. Although, Mom, I don't know why they call it Denada..?? It doesn't sound anything like You're Welcome!"
"Neither does Gracias. Gracias does NOT sound like Thank You. It's weird..."

"Mom, I just made you a bunch of stuff. Here." He hands me several papers folded up very tightly. I opened them one by one. What's this buddy?
"It's a shocker. If bad guys come -touch it, it will shock them. But not you mom."

What's this? "A space House." How do I get in it? "Close your eyes for a long time and you can go in."
What's this? "Another shocker."
What's this? "Another shocker, but this one looks like a spider web. But I didn't put a spider on it because it's a shocker."

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Natalie said...

haha. I like the last one a lot! But don't they know that us moms have a "don't mess with me" look that stops any action instantly. =)