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Monday, April 16, 2012

Instructions by Anderson

Mom, I can give you instructions on how to make waffles.  Are you ready? 

If you don't have waffles, buy some.
If you do, get one.
Put it in a white thing.
Do you push it up or down?
Ok push it down, then the fire comes on.
Then it will pop up like that.
Then you put on a plate.
Then you can put butter on it or you can put syrup on it.You you can cut it OR you can leave it in a circle.

Would you like to know how to make eggs?
If don't have eggs, go buy some.
If you have some, get how how many you want.
Crack the shell, put the egg in, not the shell. Throw the shell away.
Put the heat on.
When it's ready, you turn the heat off.
Then there is your egg. Then you eat it on a plate with a fork.
You can put pepper on it.

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