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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 Cantaloupe, many softballs and but mainly baseballs

Craziest 15 minutes I can remember.  We just had made it home from a basketball game about 30 minutes prior and had sat down to eat dinner when we started hearing the tapping on the windows.  Then we heard a BIG tap and thought we should go look....  We walked to the front door and low and behold, this was not regular hail storm.  This was a once in a lifetime hail storm - it was wild.  We saw a whoooooole LOT of baseball size hail and we noticed many many softballs.  And we saw two that were bigger than the softballs just in our front yard from our perch.  And they were all just slamming to the ground.  We may need a new roof, 1 broken window and my car got 6k worth of hail damage!  Stan's was much less but still damaged.

Take a look at this beautiful house on Swiss Avenue with the original 100 year old roof.  This picture says it all.  The ground everywhere you went looked like it had ground cover...  All of Swiss looked like this, plus we had many friends with soooo many broken windows.
  This was my windshield.

We were all okay thank goodness.  We decided instead of putting so much money into my 6 year old car, we would upgrade my minivan.  We said good-bye to Blackbird Maddie (girls named her on the way home when they were 2 and 4 and I was expecting Anderson.) and we said Hello to White Knight (Anderson got to name this one). 

Here is my favorite part about my new mini-van.  USB Port, Navigation, XM Radio (sweet!) and my own custom picture as the wallpaper.... hee, hee!!

Here is the kids favorite part about my upgraded mini-van.  A double wide screen that they get to play a video game on one side while watching a movie on the other.  I'm sorry, but mini-vans are the most awesome vehicles on the road today!  Allll that PLUS 20 miles to the gallon!  Just sayin'!  ;-)

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