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Monday, March 2, 2015


We had a really great time skiing at Sipapu.  Anderson and Ainsley got sick so they didn't get to ski as much, but they still had a really great time when they felt better.  

It was also fun to go with our cousins, they kids had a great time playing when they weren't sick.  Whitaker was so cute learning to ski.  He cried when we left, he loooooved it.  

Lexi did awesome skiing.  She was scared but right after her lesson we took her up on the lift!  She did great!

Sipapu was a great family place.  They built a fun ice castle for the kids to play on...

This guy kept trying to show Stan up.  Fashion wise.  He was very impressive.

Our first family ski trip!  So much fun. 

Joe bucks Coffee.  To bad he didn't think of it first.... Ha.  West Texas towns are fun.

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